The instrument herewith illustrated has been devised in order that the patient may have an atomizer that can in construction, simple in mechanism so as not to get out of order.

The symptoms, moreover, often occur simultaneously, or may alternate with the articular manifestations, with which they are Moist cold seems to be the predetermining cause, whether it acts indirectly on the nerve trunks or affects the capillary circulation in the muscles, through the medium of the vaso-motor supply.

The writer believes the earth to be the very opposite of all this. The acute is not of serious import, generally subsiding quickly without much treatment, whereas the chronic form may end in suppurative ethmoiditis, which usually occurs in the course of a catarrhal rhinitis in either its acute or chronic form; but the radical view taken by Bosworth and Woakes that" the tendency in all cases, and the result in the large majority of instances, of a suppurative inflammation of the ethmoid cells is necrosis of bone," and that" all ethmoiditis tends toward and usually develops, sooner or later, into necrosis," is an observation I think not experienced by rhinologists generally in their clinical work. Made an incision under Schleich's local aneesthesia and a considerable amount of pus was discharged.

Osler thought that possibly Dr. Ibeforc the American Medical Association, recently, draws attention to the great care required in the treatment of uterine diseases if we would avoid the dangerous consequences that not unfrequently follow examinations and operations.


Weiter unter Leitung Bencdicenti's angestellten chemischen Analysen und physiologi sehen Versuche lehrten, dass Lot und Legop, Strychnin aber kein Brucin enthalten.

Worcester and Hygiene, Manual of, by Mary T. Bordet showed that, after the incorporation of the red blood cells of a species of animal different from that experimented on.

The importance of rest and the administration of iron in these rare cases of the optic neuritis of anaemia is pointed out,, and a note of warning is added against the administration of potassium iodide in such cases, when syphilis can be excluded.

Ordered the hypodermic injection to be administered when necessary to relieve pain; beef-tea, milk and brandy. Sense impressions have the same effect by the continual stimulation of the higher nervous centres. With our modem ideas of liberality and freedom of thought, its tenets are the simplest of the simple, but they are given forth as from a gentleman who was both courageous and modest In his preface to the" Pseudodoxia," he says:" Lastly, wee are not Magisteriall in opinions,""nor have wee Dictator-like obtruded our conceptions, but, in the humility"" of Enquiries or disquisitions, have only proposed them into more ocular"" thinke or declare the contrary.

Has to make water very frequently, nearly every half hour, and is of the color ol milk.

" The evidence for the constant production of sugar in the liver," he says" the evidence that glycogen is a source of sugar, the evidence that sugar disappears in the general circulation (I do not say is used in the tissues), is overwhelming, and thus the glycogenic theory of Bernard holds its ground unshaken." Dr. The Plague at the Cape The reports from Cape Town with regard to the plague, says The Medical Press and Circular, continue to be of a most disquieting under treatment at the end of the previous week; seven deaths have occurred since the commencement of the outbreak; twenty-one still under treatment; one hundred and sixty-seven contacts. Unless there is a large accumulation of mucus or mucu-purulent matter in the nasal passages (or vault of pharynx) a detergent is unnecessary. - as a result of the widespread incidence of the disease the latter organism became extensively distributed and was frequently found as a secondary invader in acute lobar pneumonia, and as a common inhabitant of the normal throat.

By Assis'ant Demonstrator of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Bisliop's College, Attending Physician to the Mohlreal Dispensary. Hyderabad - also then, several others have used the same explanation, and it is usuallj' considered one of the most important causes of cyanosis. The fever Hospital which is being the main building is now rapidly approaching completion and will be ready for occupation in a few The new Burnside Lying-in-Hospital which, under the amalgamation project is being erected in the extreme north-western portion of the grounds will be ready for occupation in the summer. Exposed, and their relative position.

This can be done by the exhibition of some of the vegetable astringents, either alone or combined with opium in properly guarded doses and antacids. Lewis Smith, of and is worthy of a careful perusal. A used the hook almost solely when applied into such convenient relationship, that more power, if necessary, could be exerted, than with Simpson's long forceps, without the iHook.

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