As evening was rapidly approachin;; they again endeavored to find the lost trail. In cases of long standing, the object will be to bring about a determination of blood to the uterus.

After having destroyed the child should find it impossible to deliver it; and then for its accomplishment subject the poor woman to the Csesarian section?" If it is difficult to recognize the necessity for so perilous an operation as the Caesarian, in the third labour of Mrs.

Such an argument is loo ridiculous to answer. The diaphragm is raised, and the lungs and heart are in consequence compressed upwards. It consists of a number of slightly raised highly vascular points, clustering around the elevated border of the orifice of the urethra, and skirting the margins of the nymphaj. I am not unaware of the amount of property involved in private ownership of scientific school foundations. They remained exposed to the high temperature an hour and a half, and in half an hour afterwards they recovered. Owing to the close proximity of the upper part of the tumour to Poupart's ligament, it was anticipated that it migiit be necessary to disarticulate the bone at the hip-joint; but in the course of the operation, when the two lateral flaps had been made, the femur was found in a healthy condition below the lesser trochanter, and it was sawn through at this point. Resolved, That the community in wliich he lived is galled upon to mourn the loss of a faithful and skillful physician, and of a man who in his public relations was a model of unswerviug integrity and zeal for the public welfare. It was all, however, to no purpose. Quetelet's error arose from his measuring twenty picked individuals for each age, ten of each sex, selecting those he supposed to be fully and symmetrically developed. These attempts were now not at all frequent, and were always attended with a free flow of urine. The vein, however, was very small, much smaller than that in the other arm, and this was a source of some trouble and delay, the milk flowing very slowly. If, then, this precept be obeyed, excitement of mind and body avoided, ardent spirits abstained are compatible with many other chronic and incurable diseases." The treatment must be varied according to the age and circumstances of the patient. From the land of Boerhaave, the Delta of our modern Egypt, there has arisen a name justly foreshowing the most invaluable improvements and brilliant discoveries, and in a field emphatically useful to the whole human race (review). Also the actual replacing it in a proper situation. The air gradually accumulates in the air-cells, which are distended, and in emphysema very greatly dilated, the whole lungs being necessarily greatly enlarged. In five days I visited her, and, much to my astonishment, found her engaged in making up her bed. The Chinese, however, furnished the majority of cases. She had been married five years, and about two years since thought herself pregnant, as her menses ceased for a few periods and then returned, and continued until the operation. An emetic of Ipecac, was ordered, and after large doses, he vomited up a mass of gray stuff, like mortar.

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