All gargles should be sweetened. Upon repeated injections of the drug, noted in a month to six weeks, especially in early cases. The drink of the lithsemic should be water only, and enough water should be drunk to keep the kidneys flushed. Results of lumbar colotomy, both in prolonging life and in relieving pain. With a patient unwilling to submit to so radical a measure I hiave always intended to use the method of injection. It is during the second stage of pneumonia that supporting treatment is most urgent. Operated in conjunction with the station are the message center, kitchen (for patients and company personnel), and supply (for the entire company). In the course of three to five days the membrane begins to separate, either gradually or in masses, the throat clears up, the temperature falls, the glandular swelling subsides, and in a week or so the patient A mild diphtheria may be accompanied by albuminuria, and may be followed by nephritis or paralysis, but, as a rule, the cause is benign and the outcome satisfactory. The same thing occurs in disease during the administration of tartar-emetic: the first few doses will often cause sickness, but ere long the stomach becomes accustomed to its use, and, if continued, it produces that amount of stimulation which is The remedies which have been mentioned probably differ but little in their mode of action on the stomach; but their remote action on other organs of the body is very various. We have all seen these wretched broken-down women, some of them weighing as little as eighty or ninety pounds, and resisting the administration of food as though it were a poison.

In tliis lesion it appears to me that digitalis and its congeners are especially indicated, and I am sure that www.bmedonline.itr I have seen good results from the continuance of the drug over a long period of time. It is therefore connected, the author points out, with cachexia rather than acute infection of toxemia.

It may assume a variety of shapes and lead to a great number of severe structural lesions of the uterus.

A gargle of the chloride of sodium may, at the same time, be used with much advantage. The present edition is thus more than one hundred pages larger than the previous one.

The joint was excised on November These cases were presented to show that in hospital practice, there is a certain number which seem to require excision and which do well after it. The disciples of Esculapius have followed and served every army since man has resorted to contest by force of arms to secure the real or imaginary rights of tribes and nations. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL It has also been held that the decline of ferlity showed largely among the well-to-do and Again it has been supposed that declining ily two children.

Technical specialties applicable to the unit's functions (see b charged with the responsibility for the training of the medical supply unit. A foul dry tongue, increased frequency and sharpness of pulse, flushing of the f ace, and disturbed sleep, are indications that the diet is too large in quantity or of too nourishing a kind. Hazen states that one must be prepared for severe pain after water or glycerin, and that he found injections of neosalvarsan in an oily menstruum to give more pain than The effect of salvarsan in this disease is considered to be, at least in major part, a direct one upon the causative spirochetes.

From the commencement of this fever the body wastes away, and in the advanced stage, the emaciation is very considerable At length the fever becomes more continued, and the exacerbations more violent; the appetite falls off; colliquative sweats alternate with diarrhoea; the fades Hippocratica makes its appearance, and under an increased severity of these symptoms, and those of the disease which causes the hectic fever, the patient sinks. Malignancy and benignity were but extremes in the scale of effects, each degree of which presented a different ratio to the scale of causes.

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