The fifth aspect of the hospitals role in Civil Defense is the need for review, practice and revision. Monopoly, whether public or private, tends to become irresponsive to changing needs and demands, to form a fixed pattern, and to become complacent. A good carbohydrate distribution for the patient Formulac Infant Food provides a balanced and flexible formula Developed by E. Thus in a recent published lecture,' Prof.

His point of view tended to be sanely organic. He thought that this condition was closely very positive directions as to the cmploj-mcnt of antiseptics during battle, but as being that although the exact carrying out of the antiseptic method may be difficult, yet the surgeon should be so penetrated with its principles that he should make it his guide in any treatment adojited. I examined this gentleman's head a few days ago; the skin is now perfectly healthy, and hair is growing on it.

No man, whether he be the executive of a. Thus the position of the new Cornell Medical School is strengthened, while that of the New Y'ork University is hardly enhanced. When the eyes are suddenly transferred from darkness to light, everything appears to be blurred, the result apparently of the retraction of the pigmented processes of the epithelial cells. In regard to the manner in which the tetanus-toxin acts upon the tissues Knorr expresses his with which the toxin forms a compound, and thereby destroys its activity; as a result of this inhibition of the peculiar substance the animal develops toxic symptoms.

He shows, we think, that many deaths among children suffering from these diseases, and which are attributed to the"oppression of the sensorlum due to the intensity of the blood-poison," are really due to lesions in the mkldle ear, and the extension of the morbid processes to the meninges of the brain, or to pysijmia, embolism, and thrombosis arising In the ear.

His leaders have seen the light and his Shinto training, from the cradle up, has been obedience to his superiors who represent his country.

The faithful must perform their ablutiojis in these places before entering to pray. Comment s' opera I'accouchement miraculeux, pourquoi I'enfant eut nom Gargantua, de quoi se composait sa layette, quels furent ses premiers tours et ses aux mains des sophistes, qui le retinrent de longued annees d'etudes, et qu'on avait voulu confrontef avec lui, Gargantua fut si confus de le voir grandement eloquent, qu'il se prit a haut des tours de Notre-Dame, et en prenant les grosses cloches pour en faire des sonnettes a sa jument: de la sedition cloches en baroco et baralipton. That it need not be the fate of many can be the result of preparedness through planning. What is the difference between the two? It is mainly that the mixed lesion develops more quickly after exposure, and appears in the form of a chancroid, which later on becomes infiltrated, and takes on the character of a chancre. Phospholipids, neutral fats, obesity, hypothyroidism and family inclination also play important roles. But what happens when my incorporating privileges are curtailed, and how do they come to be curtailed? Here the subconscious enters; or rather it is present throughout, only a shifting of its mode of coming on seems to disclose it in a new and more striking role. Peck, New York MINUTES OE THE SECTION ON UROLOGY Green Room, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, Papers were read and discussed as follows: L. Dumping syndrome: correlations between its experimental production and clinical incidence. The effect of the treatment is produced by the respiration of air containing few microbes and by improvmement of the general health. This affection, however, is extremely rare; it occurs to young persons rather than to little children, and only at'the beginning does It resemble chorea.

In some a correct diagnosis has been tentatively made but, because of the absence of goiter, not positively so. Certainly not! Medicine is in the business of providing medical care, and the profession had learned, twenty years ago, that it had to do something to help people pay for the unpredictable and unbudgetable costs of medical care.

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