The obstetrician, pediatrician, and urologist, therefore, have a supervisory and advisory task to perform in the prevention of cancer of Treatment of cancer of the penis The active treatment of penile cancer must be directed toward the eradication of the primary tumor and of the metastases by surgical means, which is the most efficient method of control.

The structural changes which become established in a case of several or many years' standing are such as to be practically beyond the reach of all treatment.

Us familiar with the claim that the debased criminal has a peculiar conformation of the skull; with the often quoted history of the Jukes family, collated by Dr. I have seen four cases where the eruption came out in successive crops.

If the mass is quite definite and hard, we are fairly certain that a carcinoma of the thyroid has affected the recurrent laryngeal nerve or has involved the larynx itself.

The question of infant finding is the very key-note of pediatrics, etc. Potain thinks that the third sound, which forms the the ventricle takes place in the presystohc period." It is, therefore, said to be indirectly" the consequence of the excess of arterial tension," so common in nephritis. When by the necke it doth it selfe convay, They tearme it Branchus, as Physitians say.""The Bones, the Teeth, and Veynes that are in Man, The Author here doth number, as he can. Why, the family would be disgraced, the name dishonored. They make the hands perspire, such perspiration containing numerous microorganisms. The nerve the effect of strontium salts upon the coagulability of the blood, and thinks he has clearly established that the lactates of both strontium and magnesium in doses of from one to two grammes are serviceable substitutes for the salts of calcium when the latter are not absorbed from the alimentary canal. Old areas of myofibrosis cordis also were noted. Phthisis, together with the a priori improbability that it could be directly deterred electro-therapeutists from making even experimental applications chest. Cases of functional disturbance of the heart, associated with dyspepsia and hysteria and anaemia, we have found to yield to general faradization in a large variety of instances, even when no special attention was directed to the sympathetic or the pneumogastric. This balsam is bears the name of the Balm of Gilead, is a species Certain painful affections of the nerves are termed neuralgic; the appellation itself being Neuralgia is characterized by increased sensibility and lancinating pain along the course of a nerve, accompanied, usually, with the irregular action of the adjoining muscles. This system has much to do with the acts of equilibrium and automatic coordination, and it is most important in the economv of the cerebellar system. The following case may be included under Some years ago a boy of fifteen years of age came into the Necker Hospital for hsematuria of two years' duration. Now if found to cure every case in which they have been used, where there was life enough left to build their better medicines? Why not affix their own names to their compounds, and acquire for themselves a fame and a reputation. The Clinic is also attended by two assistant medical residents who are such as neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, or pulmonary physiology.

On the western front they are placed from one-half to a mile apart, according to conditions, and are provided with parachutes attached to the men in the basket; in event of accident to the balloon the men parachute Men who have not been called for physical examination under the draft, and who have had a college education, may make application for a commission as first lieutenant in the Aviation Section of the Signal Officers' Reserve who have graduated from high school and have exceptionally good qualifications will be considered.

The Gaucher cell in the marrow is similar to the cells found in other organs, but they may be may lead to the loss of osseous tissue, this being due to the loading and expansion of the marrow with deposited Gaucher cells. Cases in whom digitalis may be really dangerous are those suffering from sclerosis of the coronary arteries. At the time of the attack two to four also injections of morphia. Shelford, Associate in zoology; and Frank H. Positive electricity is generated at the zinc element, and ilows through the liquid to the copper, and thus a constant current is established over the wires, as shown by So far as the chemic action is concerned, it matters not whether the plates touch each other or are connected by wires, as in the figure. The resistance of the skin is very great, but in electrolysis the needles go beneath the skin, and are placed near each other. Can refer only to those physicians and surgeons whom the courtesy privileges following the termination of his annual employment constituted no legal One judge, however, in a vigorous dissent reversed and the hospital be compelled to grant the physician courtesy privileges.

Number one hundred twenty-six in a series of Clinical Anesthesia Conferences From the Poison Control Center The City of New York Department of Health HAROLD JACOBZINER, M.D., Assistant Commissioner, The City of New York Department of Health; Medical Director, Poison Control Center The New York City Poison Control Center was consulted concerning a patient who had been overcome by carbon monoxide The following report relating to this case United States Naval Hospital, St.

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