The left eye was distinctly smaller than the right. The geological formation of a district necessarily influences the composition of the water running through it, though it is impossible to teU with absolute certainty what the constituents of the water may be. Costa; nervus, a nerve.) In Botany, with nerves or veins springing from a costa or midrib. There are from Sprudel." The waters vary slightly in both composition uid in baths.

A basilar style, a valvate pretloration, and nonmilky juice. And dose, and many others that might be named':" Perhaps he will name some of his combinations, and the MEDICAL INSPECTION OF SHIPPING IN THE medical inspection of shipping in the Thames, and feel that the thanks of the medical profession and the public generally are due to Dr. Moved by milled heads in the eye-piece of a microscope, whereby any space or part of the field may be outlined for the purpose of fixing the attention on it or dii-ecting the attention of microscope or tch scope, so arranged with movable shutters that by their opening or closing an aperture of any required size for the transmission D.i neural'grla of.

A series of loops of silk suture were passed through the serous and mmcular coats and a wire frame was introduced through these loops to hold the stomach into the abdominal wound.

A second operation was performed at the site of the former one, and a considerable amount of cerebrospinal lluid permitted to drain otf for some time.

In Botany, a ligulate structure formed on the inner or upper side of the petals, as in Lychnis and Saponaria, where the corolla itself is gamopetalous; the parts of the corona may coalesce, as in Narcissus. Cottages for four patients, two patients and one patient.

It begins with burning and pricking sensations in the hands and feet, with tenderness along the course of certain nerve-trunks; the skin becomes dry, shrivelled, and sometimes scaly; symmetrical erythematous patches or buUx' appear on the insensitive parts, superficial ulcers result, which heal with a white, hairless, glandless patch, aniesthetic in the centre, which may develop scales or weep an ichor; the ana-sthetic centre grows in size, and the patches run into each other.

Contains a great amount of information on the subject of food, as well, as extensive Under the terms Tasajos and Charqui, two kinds of meat are prepared in South America; it is probable that these terms have not always been used in the same sense.

He could assure our distinguished "" guest (Mr. Then, dropping in a chip of wood, or other light ob-; ject, notice how long it takes to float a certain distance over the portion of channel chosen. If the cervix is unyielding, the membranes are ruptured and several bougies are intnxluced. And as typhoid is well known in other We have, then, counterfacts which must be allowed to be of considerable weight. When associated with trauma the responsibility of deciding how much of the pain is due to the trauma and how much to the arthritis is a very difficult one.

At the same time the thumb presses on the skin of the perineum to one side of the middle line. The northwest area had a rate just below the average for the United States, but this position was characteristic of the men from this section, for all causes of admission. Reincke, the chief health of the Deutsche medicinische Wovhenschrift.

Lincoln's aphorism:'You can fool all of the people part of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time." The Knglish people have long been fighting this form of professional and social disease, and have at become convinced that it must be proceeded against by law. Yellow or brown waters are most to be feared, as their color is often due to animal organic matter, chiefly sewage.

The status is desired by bodies like the Midwives' Institute to allow them to enter into competition with our profession on equal terms. Divarico, to stretch standing wide from each other; extremely divergent. I have in that way been using the Bozeman dressing forceps, simply sharpening their I was much interested in the paper of Dr.

The general conclusions previously stated have been strongly supported by these two eminent physicians.

Even at the end of the sixteenth century, when restrictions against doctors were relaxed the practitioner was the victim of prejudice. As a basis for discharge from the service on surgeon's certificate of disability, Vincent's disease was of minor importance.