In conclusion he said that he and his friends desired to preserve the Constitution and By-laws as they are, and that as they had registered more than one fourth, not of those present, but of the entire membership of the Academy, it was ridiculous for any one to suppose that the amendments could receive a three-fourths vote.

With the exception of a little dulness over the upper part of the sternum, it sounded well on percussion, and healthy respiratory sounds could be heard every where. It would be safer to sleep in the house, especially if the windows and doors were closed.

The Hampton-court Childers, sire of Blacklecs, was son of the Devonshire Childers. It should be remembered, that it is the Scutellaria Lateriflora which was used by Dr. Within a year he married some one else.

I purpose, therefore, to group together to-night three widely different obstetric cases, not for their rarity, but because they will serve to bring out points of prognosis and treatment which, in my judgment, are sometimes too little considered.

It is suggested that the general government attach agents to our consular offices at certain foreign ports whose certificates should be required from all immigrants, and that it should be the duty of such agents to detain suspicious emigrants, and look up their antecedents. The eruption has entirely disappeared, the acid-fast bacillus might be one of half a dozen different microorganisms, and the hypesthetic area is no more than any one might have, and many healthy persons do have. Several examples have occurred in my own practice; the appearance for more than three years, in the larynx of a practising attorney of this city. The pach-horse has long since disappeared from amoner us. This, on giving him a little exercise in the morning, will occasion his medicine to operate much quicker than any other way. This smaller dam would be near the upper end of the present Croton Lake, about six miles above the present Croton dam, and could be completed by the time that the new aqueduct with the present Croton Lake, would be sufficient to supply the new aqueduct with water until the Quaker Bi'idge dam is completed, even if the latter should occupy a longer time than is at present estimated. He is usually well-caparisoned; and although the colour is generally black, yet there are to be found some of them bay and sorrel. As it approached thetesticle it became as small as at its origin in the ring. The temple, auditory canal, the left half of the tongue and mouth are the seat of paresthesias and of intense burning. Tion as can allow tho action of their antagonists.

Thus we perceive, that educated civilization will perpetuate a nationality, while an uneducated one destroys it. There had been no symptom of brain disease, the only trouble being that after the first hemorrhage, a month before, she could not be kept still, but so good was her general health, she had made a visit in the country contrary to advice. (See chapter on Cancer.) We shall now take up the various forms of displacement and discuss, In anteversion the womb as a whole falls out of position An Analysis of forward, thus resting upon the bladder, which is forced function of the bladder, it becomes in consequence greatly irritated. There should be something of the nature of an inquest and, so far as Scotland is concerned, he thinks the order of a sheriff should always be necessary to authorize the detention of a drunkard, and that the duration of that detention should be fixed in the order. The legislation of the last year or two, however, seems tending to greater stringency, and to more adequate provision for the regulation of medica practice. " In two days I reached Raleigh, without having experienced any material change in the symptoms of my complaint. The fwelling does not readily yield to any prefTure; and in fo far as it does, very quickly recovers its former ftate upon the prefTure being removed. G., who menstruated from the skin just above the knees.

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