I think we must agree with Fritsch in his statement that he has"no doubt that in the near future the mortality in general will come down to three or four It certainly seems remarkable and far surpassing all expectations that, in less than ten years after the re-introduction of this operation in surgery, its mortality should have come down to almost the same point as that from laparotomy for ovarian tumors. I regret this exceedingly; I would like discussion is now really all out of order; we must get on with business. For the last few years I have been auto-camping.

Not only is it useful in the ordinary forms so common to infants, but also in the severer form that lasts some days and threatens to kill the patient by exhaustion. A final factor that has an important bearing on the closure of the wound has been developed by observations in civil life.

Britton on the fact of my name being there will mean a good deal of work to be done by me, and it probably will take up a good part of my time, and if the Council will excuse me from going on the Printing Committee I would rather not be placed on it. The couples dance dance is executed by the body application and the upper limbs only. Consequently when one of the good friends of herself and the doctor called the same afternoon, she did not hesitate to tell of the gratifying news received that morning. The first of these to which I would beg to direct your attention is electrical treatment Great diversity of opinion seems to prevail as to the value of this mode of treatment in tinnitus. Orthosomat'ics, Orthosomat'ice, proposed weekly as a preferable term. Given this name to an instrument intended to facilitate sucking, when the faulty conformation of the nipple prevents the child from laying hold GALACTOPH'TGUS, (galacto, and Qtvyeiv,'to seu Vi'se extraordina' rise, lac'tis, Galactorrhce'a GALACTOPOEA, (galacto, smdnouw,'I make.') GALACTOPOE'TICA, (ydXamominnKa,) Galactoph'ora, Galactago'ga, Galactopoe'a.

The chin was somewhat retracted, owing to the new jaw being smaller than its predecessor; but this retraction was not to such a degree as to produce deformity. McKee told the doctor to go and consult the Registrar of the C-llego; that Dr.

The ulcer on the foot rapidly deepened and soon made its appearance on the sole of the foot. This point in dietetics, however, is one that requires nice discrimination in the individual case.

If itching "ad" should occur, an ointment of cold cream containing twelve per cent, of boric acid or a may be used. But the increase in the suicides of the young has a manifest and an immediately ascertainable origin, one which can be easily traced and with which it should be easy to "coupons" deal. That was one of the ideas they were laboring under. Stiles for Superintendent could possibly have been made.

For instance, in the form of sub-acute cystitis, which I have described as occurring after fractures, I have found Plumbum very frequently indicated, and its use has often been followed by very marked improvement. A careful study of the incubation period in chimpanzees shows days; the time between the chancre and secondaries varies from nineteen to sixty-one days. Improvement followed in external meatus, but a relapse of the otitis media cured of his disease, but with a persistent perforation, as before. The results in this group of cases from the use of grain hypodermically, every four hours, are quite as graphic as a speedy response to properly used digitalis. We ought to receive that with confidence. It is title that her family histoiy is conspicuously bad, combining both the tuberculous and the neurotic diatheses; but it is equally true that prior to this exanthem she considered herself in fair health, to say the least, and subsequent to it an invalid. HeFij, consists in a sensation of weight or heaviness, or is accompanied by such sensation. The impure mineral alkali obtained by burning certain policy marine plants. For instance, one man and his family, tired of living on quinine, asks me is there no remedy for these chills except this expensive drug? Oh, yes; try something else; I will give you a box of my pills, which contain not a particle of quinine. The caseum, coupon on the contrary, is fatter, and more viscid. The leaves and flowers possess the property Gall, Turkey, see Quercus infectoria. Accurate union of the incised surface of the uterus by numerous sutures, where be absorbed. If the accouchement has been tedious; if the pains have been violent; if turning has been had recourse to; if instruments have been used, register or if there has been an adherent placenta, there is great danger of metritis, peritonitis, metro-peritonitis, pelvic cellulitis, puerperal phlebitis, toxaemia, etc., setting in; and in apparently easy and natural labors, one or other of these dangerous conditions may ensue which will demand the best efforts of the medical attendant.

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