Animals which are affected must be separated from the well. On examining the stomach, it was found that there had been an old ulcer which had perforated the organ; further, a; circuinscribed abscess was found between the stomach and the under surface of the liver and the diaphragm, the result of perforation of the ulcer of the diaphragm into the base of the left lung, tlius giving lise to the fetid expectoration shortly before The second case recorded was that of a married the splenic region, where a tumour of considerable size was felt, and which was distinctly adherent tothe abdominal wall; no fluctuation could be detected. She was by this time greatly reduced in health and the subject of profuse discharges of mi.Ked blood and pus. Post mortem examination revealed a large mass of cancer involving the pyloric end of the stomach and adjacent part of the liver. The same has been proven by the persistence of the rigid projections in the dead cells, whereas, the ameboid projections of leucocytes are retracted in death.

With all its beautiful and beneficent influences, there are also seen as a result that the human mind can contemplate. Dip the sliced bread into the mixture occasional? y This is the German style of making toast; but is quite good enough for an American. Still more unlimited is this abuse of the Charities in their Out-door Department; and for the reason of the number of the outpatients being so much greater than that of the in-patients; and since the rise and increasing budding forth of new special Hospitals has become an established part of our charitable Medical system, the reception of gratuitous Medical advice and relief by unworthy recipients has reached a height which is incredible. This is followed by an oral examination in the same subjects; ten minutes being allowed for each answer after ten minutes of consideration. He had seen a few cases in this country in which the same destructive ulceration took place. In pleurisy the pulse strikes the finger, and is strong. Danger of over-distending an ulcerated, attenuated or sacculated bladder; in suprapubic cystotomy, if necessary to cut open the peritoneum, it should be done, then the incision repaired after the pathological Epi-cystotomy should be done to remove calculi, foreign bodies, tumors, for stabs, gun-shot wounds, rupture of bladder, for drainage of an inflamed bladder, for the passage of urine when the natural channel has become obstructed by stricture, growth or traumatism, and for urinary infiltration combined with or without median perineal external urethrotomy. Wheezing, short, and difficult breathing; ofi'ensive discharge from the nostrils; severe purging, and when the disease is epidemic. Alte Frail erkrankt plotzlich und unerwartet mit anfallsweise eintretende, stiirmischen Kopfschmerzen. Muss beiderseits gestiitzt Auf dem Gebiete zwischeii Nabelebene und Processus xiphoideus obere Grenze des Gebietes wird von einer ziemlich regelmassigen horizontalen Linie gebildet, die um den Rumpf herum verlauft. All owners of domestic animals should provide themselves with this remedy, as a most efficacious agent in bruises, concussions, collar galls, or wherever external inflammation has been produced by blow or friction. In acute gastric catarrh, given with bicarbonate of soda in small and repeated doses (half a centigramme to not more than half a gramme every two hours) it is answers admirably. Lastly, it may be stated here, before finally finishing the differential diagnosis between gall stones and stomachic and duodenal affections, that in many cases, although the general symptoms are mainly referred to the stomach, they are very indefinite. One prominent object of this work is, to enforce the necessity and advantage of beginrdng, at the onset of an attack of disease, to take into our account all the processes simultaneouslif going on, and to endeavour, by considering all, not to interfere unnecessarily, or only so as to preserve or restore the: balance of function disturbed or disarranged in disease. In all lesions of the heart, with the single exception of mitral regurgitation complicated with dilatation of the auricle, this drug is a sine qua non.

Chronic abuse of alcohol of course aflects the heart; but our inquiry has hitherto been limited to the immediate action upon the heart of a moderate quantity"f pure alcohol added to the blood flowing through it; tl'C heart being put entirely out of control by ext insic nerve-centres, and isolated from all other organs but the lungs.

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