He has found it particularly helpful in the bronchitis of children. With a still wider appreciation of its advantages, many lives which are being sacrificed yearly, would certainly be saved. Usually they served a double purpose, one end of the instrument being used as a curette, the other end as a spatula, and so on. This arches the thorax, spreads the ribs and brings tension upon the diaphragm, inhibiting the spasm. He found that of the greater number of cases of the disease which came under his notice, very few were vaccinated; and that the few who had been vaccinated were attacked mildly. The treatment at first consisted of anti-spasmodics and derivatives, Avithout benefit; at a later period, calomel and digitalis were administered, and under the influence of these medicines the fits became less and less frequent, and at length ceased entirely at the end of nine the cases of which the post-mortem examinations have been detailed, it is yet hard to conceive how so great a diminution of volume of the thymus as is inferred could have taken place in the short space of nine days. With lymph obtained from one of the cows in this dairy, he certain other persons he employed matter from sores on the hand of a dairymaid who had become infected from one of the cows at this same place. Milk should be used only when the patient is very ill, but from the moment he can digest solid food, broiled meat is given, first in small quantities, but later in larger amounts.

The tendency of the surgery of to-day is to invade the domain of medicine at points, which a decade since were thought to be forever exempt from the knife. This by a tadt understanding has been taken to be the pulse and temperature of health. The infected barn should be washed and solution, on the walls, floors, and feed boxes; the floors should be covered with quicklime; and the premises then disinfected with formalin or sulphur vapor. These experiments indicate, therefore, that caffeine increases the danger of aeetanilide mixtures, as do also the opium alkaloids. She expired in something less than sixty sanguineous temperament, florid complexion, with red hair, near the end of gestation, from being in perfect health at bedtime, was seized about an hour after with intense pain in the head and epigastrium, the local pain. The cercoTnonas intestinalis is sometimes present in considerable numbers.

Finally the rash fades, and recovery soon sets in. Expose it daily to the sun, or to a low heat for six days, triturating the mass each time with a fresh quantity of acid juice; add a second portion of copper, and two of iron calx; grind for a day in lemon juice, and add onethirtieth of aconitum ferox (visha). With the liberation of this fragment the joint could be extended. Locally for headache, neuralgia, toothache, etc.

There have been many instances of verminous abscess recorded, particularly as affecting the umbilical region in children and the groin in adults, which were most probably connected with the imprisonment of ascarides in hernial protrusions of the bov.'el.

Severe pain in the abdomen and right side of the chest, accompanied by paroxysmal cough, bloody the liver, involving the base of the right lung, Amoebce in the foeces and sputum. The propaganda for this exclusive form of nourishment has been carried on with more or less enthusiasm for ages; but in spite of the hearty recommendations accorded it by a few philosophers and other men of mental superiority, it has never found favor with the masses. HANDICAPPED CHILD OF DELAWARE, INC. Slight tenderness was present on deep pressure over the antrum, was constant, and the boy was disinclined to walk, but preferred absolute quiet and rest in bed. At the outbreak of an epidemic, it is advisable to remove such children to another locality, or to keep them strictly isolated at home.

Linkedin - if fever be present, many cases bright or brownish-yellow glistening spots develop on the forehead and on the upper parts of the cheeks; in other cases such spots appear on the chest, back, and abdomen. In other cases the first secretion of milk in the breast of the female produces fever. The skin shows red patches or subcutaneous hemorrhages, the joints become swollen, and the stools are bloody. A possible explanation might be found in the greater resistance of the peripheml cells, this being produced by a more constant exposure to the action of similar products derived from the intestine.

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