EECENT ADVANCES IN THE FIELD OF NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY, AND ESPECIALLY THE DIAGNOSIS AND Professor of Neurological Surgery, New York Polyclinic Medical School The field of neurological surgery has so broadened during the past fifteen years as the result of the pioneer work of Horsley, Von Eiselberg and Krause and in this country of Cushing, that a number of neurological conditions which were formerly considered hopeless are now amenable to improvement at least, and in some early cases even a cure may be expected. It is just as important to know what to do and what not to do as it is to know how to In the moderately severe cases cervical reconstruction gives good results. Kline, chief of laboratory, Mount Sinai of Health, Indianapolis, and demonstrated his simpler to perform and much easier to read than other tests for syphilis. In comparing clinically the patient dying from a severe infection and one in the terminal stage of shock, it is well nigh impossible to distinguish the two conditions. These slices were then placed in a solution of sngar and gum, which could be easily frozen. The other diseases may occur that deranged semen produces. Two unusual forms of division in tumor cells were described.

The functions and duties of the Committee will be delineated. If the former is the case, the pressure can easily be diminished by gently opening up the track of the drainage-tube with a probe, and liberating some of the exudation.

She had lost much weight and had a very tender, rigid lower abdomen, and was in great pain.

The principal foods utilized are cocoa, eggs, cream, bread and butter and sugar.

The voice is weak, but there is no sign of dyspnea. Is it a wonder that we have contracted feet and navicular disease? The shoe should cover the crust or wall all around the foot, and the heels should not extend straight back from the quarters, which are the weakest parts of the wall, making a wedge of the heel of the foot between the heels of the shoe and causing contraction. The Committee on Dispensary Abuse and Contract Labor made the following report on contract labor.

When the three humours are not affected, and marrow alone vitiated, the disease admits of relief, if not of cure. The subscriptions show no signs of falling off, and it is gratifying to know that some who have been patients in the Home have of their own accord contributed to its funds.

The face becomes sallow, and the person weak. I was rather surprised to find it a remedy for sea-sickness, but as there can be no longer any doubt of the fact, I think that the widest circulation should be given to it." of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bishop's Chair of Gynaecology, and Instructor in Clinical Gynaecology, at the Medical Department of the the following changes are to take place in the teaching staff of the Kingston Medical College: Dr:

In inflammations of a high type, in those occurring on the skin or mucous membranes in which there is an extraordinary increase of nuclei and embryonal cells, and in lymph thrown out in excess at one point, so that its central parts are far from vascular tissue, the cell elements undergo a I'apid increase and degradation into pus-corpuscles, and its solidified intercellular lymph undergoes granular decay and liquefaction into the liquid of pus. He has been aptly likened to an unskilful archer with a quiverful of arrows which he does not pharmacies know how to use; he draws his bow at a venture, and if the shaft chance to hit the mark, it is as much by good fortune as anything else. Precipitins for parrot antigens were not available in Four epidermal constituents of birds may be involved in allergic inhalant problems.

Assafoetida, and other stomachic remedies, as ginger, are also useful. If the wretched animal attempts to bolt he is pursued, the long sticks and knives are brought into play, and, in nine cases out of ten, the hacked and mutilated carcase of the poor animal is tossed into the cart, and as more frequently than not the creature is not killed outright, its suffering may be imagined. Internal treatment may often have to be continued, but I have no doubt that the life of many a collapsed child has been saved in this way. Arloing is of opinion that this curious disparity merits attention, more especially as the present tendency is to group scrofulous and to render further evidence of the identity of the virus in the two afifections necessary before theii comihon origin can be accepted.

Leonards (not the South Coast watering place, but a suburb of Exeter), under Mr. A sinus condition that is often overlooked and a common symptom of which is headache is the retention of normal secretion by some obstruction in the nose located near the hiatus semilunaris. As a remedy for this, he recommended that the ligature should be passed twice round the vessel (an easy procedure with an aneurysm-needle, which may carry one end of the ligature forwards and bring back the other) as a clove-bitch, and then pulled firmly across the artery.