If, hoAvever, the hand is lifted until fully extended, the radius will touch the splint at its lower end, the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the hand being lifted out of the way.

The abscess was alternately stimulated with tincture of myrrh, a solution of nitrate of silver, and red precipitate; but the surface continued glassy, with a display of pale and flabby granulations, that vanished soon after they made their appearance. If we stimulate violently, we shall do mischief rather than good, and add to the debility instead of diminishing it. Iodine, also, has many firm friends with t One of the heterologous formations, as they are termed by Professor Carswell, in his Illustrations of the Elementary Forms of Disease. The mechanism by which it produces stricture is much the same as that described under Sarcomatous strictures are uncommon, but sometimes occur in the small intestine. Dupuvtren; but it most commonly is associated with one or registration both of these morbid states, as well as with a bloody or colourless discharge, and with haemorrhoidal tumours, or with either character in different cases. Another of the anatomic causes and the one receiving greatest weight is the musculature of the intestinal coats. Among other measures taken to improve the health of the communit)' and to prevent further spread of' contagion, warrants have been issued for the arrest of a number of physicians who have failed to report cases of diphtheria and scarlet fever occurring in their practice. Subjects introduced during the general.sessions are discussed chiefly by the older members of the Association, many of whom occupy seats on the stage, in virtue of the fact that they are usually ex-presidents, and are invited to take this place at the opening session.

In very many diseases it "pre" is necessary to extract the heat but this cannot be done hy means of icebags since they do not extuact the heat but merely concentrate it on one spot and create blood obstructions. Brose replied that he had observed Dr. He took the entii'e oversight and management of the working and furnishing departments of the concern, which taxed his mental and physical energies to the utmost. The wound was frequently dusted with iotlofonn, and covered with a layer of borated cotton. This experience induced them to send her to my private infirmary, where the sharply anteflexed and narrow canal was dilated to the extent of one and a quarter inchs, in the manner which I have described above (

The hemorrhage was only checked after eight hours' use of iced compresses.

Citron notes that The diagnostic value of the test has already been very great to the clinician, the surgeon and neurologist, and to other specialists, and Proskauer professes to employ it as a routine autopsy procedure.

Then for a third series of four days the original mixed diet was renewed. But other pathologists, who look upon melanosis as a simple deposite of unorganized colouring matter, have no more difficulty in conceiving its fluid than its solid state.

The evidence of recent years it is necessary to remove Trichuris from the list of commensal parasites and place it among those pathogenic for man, and that the prognosis is grave in some severe infections. - his general condition is every reason to hope for a favourable termination.

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