He was the first phyaidan In Ghioago to limit h'w practice to diseases of the eye and ear. Of the choleraic poison, receptivity may even be altogether absent. The interstitial tissue is regarded as secreting a hormone which is of importance during pregnancy, and is probably connected with the cycle of changes associated with ovarian activity. The function of the sigmoid flexure is a receptacle for the feces ns they pass from the descending ookn, it being closed at its lower end by ciTonlar mnscnilar fibers separating the sigmoid flexure from the reotnm.

The reviews transfer of a disease from without to within, or from one part to another. The collateral branches must not be torn.

Thy minutes of the previous metjlitw were approved. Respiration deepened, however, in a few minutes and his general aspect improved. Injury most commonly occurs near the origin of the vertebral artery Once the diagnosis of subclavian artery injury is established and operative priorities have been planned, expeditious surgical exposure is critical. During this time respiration was almost entirely by the mouth. Fourthly, its relation to phthisis.

Into the Firth Paul Jones used to come in the Ranger to escape from his English pursuers, Paul Jones who had been born in Kirkcudbright. Lung difleat i.od to have coairuenLed with ii I ilJ vtid (ever the aboulder blade commwicing with H c. It is, on the contrary, a most zealous defence of Perkinism, and a fierce attack upon its opponents, most especially upon such of the medical profession as treated the subject with neglect or ridicule. Almost all were of considerable general educational value, and many of a helpful value as to the solution of obscure and disputed problems of disease; the more important are given in the appended bibliography.

A certain class of brandy supposed to come from Spain and to be made of grapes, is called Catalan. "Having no faith in the palliative operations in such a case, I decided to e.vcise the prolapee. Bj Robert Liveino, M.D., Senior Assistant-Physician to the Middlesex True leprosy, or elephantiasis Graecorum, is.

By David Yellowlebs, M.D., Medical Saperintendent of the In a letter to the Editor of The Lancet, Dr. While I was m France I operated on two such and the articulation of the elbow was opened.

Six leeclnes to be applied in the neighbourhood of the incision; fomentation and poultice: the efl'ervescing mixture to be R MassK pilul. The objective symptoms of this condition are found in a Klightly dimin, ihhed resonance of u higher pitch, slight dopreseiou under the clavicles follows this, and still later the mucous click or catarrh of the apex. The young"Youth asks itself, How can I ever die? Truly the old into the grave must fall, While age is wondering with a gentle sigh, If all this wasted breath was life at all." The young are seldom oppressed by the thought of death. When the brain and meninges were affected only syroptomatically, as in inflammation of the diaphragm, the disease was formerly Um, A tenn applied to the oondiUon of a mesmerized persoDi in which, when any cerebral or functions of the organ are manifested (eroids).

Of these easeal had beeneallad tocperataaadlbaiid one ease from reports ol saqfeoos I anatOl of opiaion that maaj eases pQBBible, to study the nature and progreae of the disease, and teaches me to conflerve human life on both llaes, viz., by operation and no operation.