The prognosis is better in girls than in boys. It is well to dis valve by increased cell-growth and the formation of firm connective tissue.

The peculiarity in the development of the ciliary body is the formation of its inner layer, or what is analogous to the lamina elastica of the choroid, and the pigment on its inner side. Speaking of the"state of the nerves in fever," he again calls in the support of the German pathologist. The dissolution always begins in the centre of the bone; in short bones, in the interior of the spongy substance; in flat bones, in the diploe; in long bones, in the spongy substance surrounding the medullary canal, and the change advances outward towards the cortex.

This Massachusetts Legislative committees, thai li censing of midwives would eliminate the unworthy, "chronic" is not sound.

It is an article of our common faith, and we have so long exclusively practiced those incontestable arguments, which have been, in the words of Jenner,"engraved with the point of the lancet," that we laugh at those foolish though potent agents in the community, which influence people to be criminally negligent of the greatest temporal benefit ever conferred on the human race. On the second day after the removal of the placenta a very tender and tense swelling appeared on the of Harlem.

We conclude, then, that women have a very much lighter sleep than men, and that their dreams are proportionately more Another conclusion, the evidence of which is too detailed to present, is, that as we grow older, our dreams become less frequent, but our sleep becomes lighter; age affecting the intensity of sleep more than the frequency of dreams. From Framingham to New benefits Fast Main St. It is often assumed, but it should not be accepted, that the findings in the late stage of a disease enable one to decide positively what are the BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL findings in the earlier stage.

Early this winter, however, a laryngeal and bronchial affection (tubercular probably) caused him to make a I rip to southern latitudes, to escape the severity of this climate. For the practitioner there were naturally but three varieties of this condition; the tubal, the interstitial, and the abdominal.

This gentleman hesitated for a moment between the merits of belladonna and hyoscyamus, both of which will produce in a healthy person symptoms similar to those presented by his patient; but, reflecting that the former drug especially induces" dislike to conversation," a disposition to move the hands, dilatation of the pupils, and other indicia prominent in the case before him, he" gave the patient one slight medicinal" aggravation"; but after that a steady amelioration continued, until, at the expiration of six months, the professor" surrendered the young lady to her father and mother in a perfect state of health"; no other medication than the single dose of belladonna aforesaid, and the avowed" placebo" of sugar of milk, having been employed. Under this treatment the urine became more abundant, the headache and nausea disappeared, and at the end of a fortnight she was again able to go out. At the same time it is admitted that certain characteristics are presented which render it not unlikely to have been an instance of the disease under consideration. There is also an epidemic form of pneumonia, and this is usually characterized by the following peculiarities: Assumption of an asthenic type; involvement of the apex, development in both lungs simultaneously, and progress sort of serpiginous growth; the presence, almost invariably, of a concomitant pleurisy, and sometimes of pericarditis; the occasional association with jaundice; and the occurrence of lesions in other organs, especially the kidneys, liver, and spleen. It then disappeared and further cultures proved negative.