H was always the last to pass away. Lesions: Thickened right gastric mucosa, discoloration, mucus, petechise, opaque granular epithelium, gastric dilatation. The decrease in the oxygen contents of the blood in the cadaver undoubtedly constitutes an additional factor in It may be assumed that the blood remaining in the cadaver acquires a greater amount of the toxic compounds from the surrounding tissues than is the case when the blood is at once transferred to a tube. Eight adhesive cases derived a certain amount of benefit from the treatment; unfortunately with two of them the otorrhoea reappeared, induced by the irritating action of the alcohol. But the man who has the means which will enable him to spend the time required to such means should carefully consider as to whether he had better not abandon all thought of studying medicine and try some of the numerous other occupations which offer a better investment for his time and money, and in which he may be a less dangerous and more useful mem her of society. At the apex of the head is found in the TieniadiE a muscular organ, the rostellum whicli bears the hooks, organ; at the one extreme in Tamia sagiuata itis reduced to a small muscular sucking apparati'is, often spoken of as the apical or fifth sucker of that species, while in other forms it is powerfully' developed and capable of extension or retraction into a pocket at the apex of the scolex. A fourth or sub-form (carcinomatous lympliatic infarction secondarily affecting the skin after breast cancer and in metastases) is added to The classification proposed by Unna is based chiefly on the histological structure of the growth, and in the fungating form the macroscopic appearance of the tumor is To one unfamiliar with the histological details of carcinoma of the skin the classification is too involved for practical purposes. : sarcoma deciduo-cellulare, believing that the neoplasm was a sarcoma originating from the products of conception.

At the end of fourteen days the patient had become almost bald, and had to wear a Avig. Additional points in favor of hypermotility and lessened motility may be suggested by the relative posi tions of the pylorus and the most dependent portion of the fundus. A more methodical management, as indicated in the above-quoted essay, offers a reasonable prospect of success for home after emigrating to Minnesota and improving there for six years, failed, and came to this city with a cavity, in the most desperate general condition, and was sent home so much improved that he was able to attend to business. Tubercles, and fibroid masses with cystic purulent centres are not uncommon.

The tracheal stoma vent voice prosthesis is applicable, particularly where the tracheal stoma is small. Sir: Many of your readers, no doubt, are familiar with this subject, but for those who contemplate studying in Vienna, the following I trust will be of service. The dura is thickened and adherent to the cranium, and the thickened pia is adlierent to the convolutions, so that a state of inflammation (ependymitis), tlie brain-tissue will tear if attempt is its epithelium is proliferated, the chomade to detach the pia from it.

A small one-half inch hollow probang may be safely passed through the nose and gullet into the stomach, and any gas or liquid allowed to escape. Stimulated by the reports of Moser and Pirquet, and Meyer, which appeared to indicate that varieties of streptococci could be of exhaustive studies in order to learn whether his former results were reliable or not. The peritoneum shows no congestion, but is pale, and, like the abdominal walls, infiltrated. In cases in which internal and external urethrotomy combined has been performed, and it is then found to be diflu-ult to pa.ssacathetcrin theusual manner, on account of the rough and nodular condition of the urethra, the act can be readily accomplished by inserting a long pair of forceps, designed for the purpose of removing foreign bodies from the urethra through the meatus, aud making the jaws of the instrument appear at the perineal wound. The latter conclusion is still further borne out by the fact that two rabbits in this series recovered, in one instance with as many Bere I would also note the recovery of a number of other rabbits (not in this series), which were inoculated subcutaneously, after the presence of pneumococci had been demonstrated in the That there exists a very close relation between the number of leucocytes and the number of pneumococci in the blood is evident, however, because in the fatal cases, up to a certain point, the rise in the number of leucocytes runs hand in hand with the increase in the number of pneumococci; again, after the leucocytosis has reached the acme, there is first a primary drop in both, just as if the disintegration of leucocytes causes a destruction of a power on the part of the organism to produce new leucocytes, the pneumococci get the upper hand, and as the leucocytes diminish, the pneumococci increase in number.

The reason is not difficult to find, inasmuch as, while it gives perfect control of the patient, it also eliminates the element of muscular spasm. Very rarely in the newborn it occurs as part of a general hemorrhagic condition. He thought the cases were severer than in typhoid fever, that the infection was of a severer type, and that the condition of the lymphatics was largely responsible for the oedema. They are not universally present in all carcinomata (review). For the same reason four hours was found to be the usual limit at which the degree of agglutination could be best established, as the flocculent growth sometimes present after twenty-four hours obscured the reaction. The blood had then regained its normal properties, so that in spite of his desire I did not renew the The second case of chronic purpura was that of a girl of six, with adenoid growths, who had on several occasions been seized with such violent epistaxis, necessitating plugging of the nasal fossae, that a physician had been obliged to remain constantly by her side. The medullary matter is of a deep red or black color, and there is an abnormal accumulation of red globules in various conditions of growth and destruction (red nucleated corpu.scles, fragments of corpuscles, colored granules). The official statistics recently published at Berlin, during the epidemic.

The band of union is sufficiently elastic, however, to allow them to sit side by side on a pinch. The development of this spinal distortion has a profound effect upon the shape of the chest, which becomes shortened in height, reduced in most of its measurements, and is rendered stiffer and less flexible. Duff, Regional Director Legislative Advisory Committee on Public Aid Senator Don A. Course: six hours to six days or more, signs of aggravation and improvement. The tension of the Graafian follicles stimulates the endings of the ovarian nei'ves.

For this purpose lying-in-hospitals provide printed history blanks, which the attending physician fills out, a practice which might profitably be imitated by the general practitioner.

In the first place, they are more pronounced in youthful individuals, hence Mackenzie's designation of" youthful irregularities."' classifies these irregularities according to the age of the patient.

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