Two infants were attacked with smallpox, before the cowpock had arrived at that stage which is attended with constitutional symptoms (

He also said that the school authorities and school physicians were doing more than anyone else in the field to educate the public to the idea of expecting something for nothing. But ought class-examinations to supersede in any case final board-examinations? in other words, ought the power of granting licenses to practise to be virtually taken from conjoined boards, comprising the teachers of the students associated with experienced practitioners who are not teachers, whose duty it is to sit at the end of the course of study, and to take into consideration, at one time, the whole circumstances of a student's proficiency in the different branches of professional knowledge, taken together, and in connexion, with a view of judging how far he can safely go forth to the practice of his profession with or without the higher titles? Ought this power, so taken away from boards, to be transferred to individual teachers, even when aided by assessors, examining their own students in their classes on detached parts of these studies, and at different and detached times? Are licensing bodies, I ask, whether universities or otherwise, prepared or entitled thus to abnegate pro tanto their proper corporate functions, and to commit to the teachers of the students the licensing power? How are teachers to be controlled in the use of this great and responsible power? Where there are competing teachers, either in the same school or in different schools, would you not by such a system be actually holding out temptations to them with the view of attracting students, to exercise the power with undue lenity: a course which might please the student, but be unsafe for the public'? On the other hand, would the student have a sufficient guarantee in such a system against a capricious and puzzling rather than a fair system of testing? Were the system desirable, which, I think, it is not, it might possibly be practicable in its working were students to take their whole course, which they seldom do, in one school and under one set of teachers; but how can it be worked in the case of that vast majority of students who take their course at different schools, and under different teachers? Where are you to get assessors to be associated with the teachers, who are a numerous body? and how are you to remunerate them for the enormous labour which will be thrown upon them? and how are you to exercise a general control over the multiplicity of detached examinations which you thus propose to hold? What great object, after all, it may be asked, are you to gain, bouleversement of a system under which the status of medical men has been steadily, and in a marked manner, raised? You say that the present system of examination is very irksome to the student, and that it interferes with that due attention to practical studies which is so necessary, and thus mars in great measure the very object of the test you apply.

Then we can advocate for what works and what doesn't and the ways they best'complement' traditional medicine." TAX ADVANTAGED SOLUTIONS FROM TIAA-CREF IF YOU THOUGHT COLLEGE WAS EXPENSIVE, TRY PUTTING YOURSELF THROUGH RETIREMENT. The term" attending obstetrician"' refers to the individual members of the visiting Burnside staff, and to all physicians who have charge of patients in the private wards. Vaso- Motor to Liver, Pancreas, All the sympathetic fibres for the upper part of the tH)d)", with the exception of those for the acceleration of the heart and for the sweat secretion and circulation of the fore-foot, the solar ganglia. He found also that she had had episiaxis, and tinnitus for a short time, and since then had not been so well.

A rabbit killed with physostigmine did not show this feature; but it was exhibited to a small degree by one which had been killed by cyanide of ON GLYCERINE, AND ITS APPLICATIONS TO MEDICAL AND SURGICAL Dr Demarquay has lately published a book on the therapeutical applications of glycerine. The Committee have considered the subject of examinations with peculiar care; which was rendered imperative by the proofs brought before the Council in the late discussion on education, that the examinations of the licensing boards, however conscientiously carried on under the present system, are not always sufficient for their purpose. The flowers and leaves are used in Bengal as antidotes to snake poison.

Attention should next be turned to the muscles, and as the object at this stage of the work is to soothe and allay spasm, the simple rule is to massage all the muscles which pass over the seat of fracture or which act upon the broken bone. Fortunately you have two valuable assets in your favor: time and tax deferral. In my next column I will discuss some of the other regulatory deals and I will give you somell statistics about action taken during the past year. The legumes of Arachis Hypogoea, of the natural order Leguminosie.

Johnson and his colleagues began to study beta interferon, a drug that was later proven effective in preventing MS attacks and reducing damage to the brain. Recently there has been reported an increase in lung cancer to a figure approaching which show that there was an increased incidence of cancer of the lung greater than the incidence of general cancer until the war; then after a slight depression, there was a tremendous rise, the peak disease is more intriguing from the standpoint of incidence than primary cancer of the lung, for within a generation it appears to have become one of the common forms of malignant disease instead of the rarity which it was believed to be at the then, that this condition is today a major diagnostic problem, and will probably increase rapidly As to etiology, the only definite thing is that the cause seems to be similar to that of cancer elsewhere. In some cases the collections of cells lie in the surrounding cartilage without any attempt at a limiting membrane. She took the chloride of gold for nearly eight weeks, but she was not aware of the nature of the remedy. They Indigenous Drugs, Drury's Useful Plants of India, the Madras Quarterly Journal, the Indian Annals of Medical Science, and various other works to which reference was necessary. Member having once failed to comply with the sections of this article, unless absent from the country, shall have his name erased from the register of members of the Canadian Medical Association, and shall not be restored to membership until all his dues have been paid, and satisfactory evidence produced that he retains his membership in an affiHated society or association, if admitted through such channel. The full yellow tint of the adipose tissue is also remarkable, and the voluntary muscles, instead of being pale and flabby, as in phthisis, are tolerably firm and most frequently of a deep red colour. Protest of the Bureau Against Advertise During the year a large number of newspaper clippings from Indiana newspapers relating in a laudatory manner to members of two nationally known clinics were brought to the attention of the Bureau.

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