Where the upward current from tin- vault connects with the soi.l pipe extended above the But what is sewer gas? With the decomposition of animal and vegetable matter in sewers is generated a gas commonly known as" sewer gas." This"effluvium," as it would be more prop erly called, differs somewhat from time to time in its composition, but generally speaking, consists by analysis of sulphuretted hydrogen, sulphide of ammonium, carburetted hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. After having injected into the jugular vein of a dog of middle size, ten grains of acetate of lead dissolved in two drachms of distilled water, the animal appeared suffocated; his respiration became thirty-five minutes after the injection, without the natural state, and very little crepitating." Is this Isolated fact sufficient to prove that acetate of lead acts upon the lungs? I think it is allowable to doubt it.

As this mortality is dependent on a specific intoxication, the profession has been looking hopefully to serum therapy for some stay to its ravages. McClellan, Oral Strode, s, a, Chicago. All this time the electrode is working its way through the obstruction, causing no pain, which should always be avoided.

The bowel should be swept clean of its offending contents by a full dose of laxol or castor oil.

Thus far, of the result of injury; but continuing the dissection, a singular chronic disease of the brain was discovered: on separating the hemispheres, in lieu of the corpus callosum was seen an opaque whitish cyst, which readily burst and discharged a considerable portion of serous fluid. In these pyramids, are transacted all the work (by the Vital Force,) so necessary to have the body cleansed of its impurities. This condition limits and prescribes the amount and kind of education which can be safely attempted.

I suppose no good would come of any efforts to suppress the publications in question? I should also like to know your opinion as to the use of the" pneumoolime" and the" pneumothalp", remedial agents designed to meei the requirements of the Climatic Pathology of the Chest, form of an address to the medical profession, on the utility of his inventions. That even this vacuole is supplied with a canaliculus we have already seen; Kupffer found it to afford a direct channel between this bile-reservoir and the bile-capillaries per se.

There were hard lumps in each parotid region, flat nodules on the face, arms and thorax, and he seemed to be profoundly septic. From the post-mortem researches of Turck, and the experiments undertaken by Veysierre, it has now been pretty well established that anaesthesia of one-half of the body is most marked when the lesion invades the white matter just outside the optic thalamus, where the substance of the posterior lobe. They are dark-greenish in appearance. Hales, and other investigators, may have been erroneously deduced, inasmuch as they calculate for the whole, from the force which they see belongs to a stream proceeding from one open artery, without taking into consideration that the universal sympathy of the vessels will throw the blood upon that point; and, if so, it cannot be taken as a fair measure of the ordinary force in such an artery.

He may for years have cardiac murmurs and yet enjoy such robust health as never to need medical advice; or he may have a murmur so faint as almost to escape detection and yet be in the most imminent peril. This, when sponged away, leaves a bright-red surface; the ulcer extends through the whole thickness of the skin. Iteprints will be furnished in pas ment of accepted articles if the author's wish Is special Interest, prompt Intelligence of local mat ten or Interest to the profession, items of news, etc., are respectrullj solicited. The special mode of infection is (d) Typhoid infection predisposes the system to secondary infections with various bacilli (streptococcus, staphylococcus, bacillus coli commune, pneumococcus). Stage, and about the twenty-first day of the disease, in favorable cases the fever begins to decline, and with it the other general and local much the same clinical indications as the third, and these may even be superadded, the symptoms being stupor, muttering delirium, subsultoe tendinum, a rapid, feeble pulse, a dry, brown tongue, marked diarrhea, Eeatly swollen belly, and an involuntary discharge of feces and urine, fiammatory complications may add to the perils of the condition. Strain this through a cloth line enough to take out all the particles of the herbs and we have what is commonly called u a medicated injection'' for the bowels.

Jones's theory of the action of arsenic is, that it gives tone to the vaso-motor nerves, and thereby removes tissue-irritation. Indeed, the splenic artery is remarkably large for the dimensions of the organ, and we can easily account for the so-called"ague-cake" and the temporary enlargement that occurs during malarial and other fevers when we include suprarenal overactivity in the pathogenesis of these phenomena. ISteinauer further observed that the bromo-acetic acid effected a diminution in the excitability of the ganglia of the spinal cord, as well as of the peripheric nervo-muscular apparatus. The second was an old man of sixty years, who had been cut for the stone at the age of twelve, and still laboured under a fistula resulting from the operation. About nine o'clock, I was hastily called by a nurse.

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