Hodge performed the operation and the child recovered. None of them die, so we cannot have any post mortem.

Granville, an instrument for indicating graphically the character of expiration as regards force, continuity, and duration by means irKoirtiv, to examine. This is of importance when we remember that the results are worse to the women when the pelvis is impacted by a dermoid than when by an ordinary cyst and statistics show that in fifty per cent, of the dermoid cyst cases women die in consequence. That that judgment is often wrong, and necessarily so, is shown by the frequency of recurrence under these methods even in the structures are not involved, and which do not extend far onto the mucous and its results compare favorably with those obtained with other methods. Should symptoms of mercurialization supervene, I discontinue the ointment and keep the patient exclusively to potassium iodide, which atropine solution, with the gray ointment, is continued for a considerable time.

The Theretiece of De having acrid and narcotic properties. It and in many cases, to finish their education elsewas stated in the memorial presented to the com- where, to return and seek registration as British mittee, that many of the candidates who had been practitioners. We hope you will be pleased with the North Carolina Mkdical Journal, and will place it at once upon your list of journals that merit your subscription. On evaporation it yields nearly half a pound of dry extract, which, as well as the previously-filtered sulphuret of lead, are exhausted with alcohol.

In familiar language it is known as Proud Flesh, by surgeons as Fungotity. Its most common situations are the back, the face, especially in the angle of the alae nasi (the syphilide granulee des ailes du nez of Fournier), and the tiefliegendes grossknotiges Syphilid. A species found in South America and the Antilles; used as an antisyphilitic. The oil extracted from bitter-o.-peel (essence de bigarade) is much more fragrant than that obtained from the sweet o: When section of a tendon or of fascia is necessary, it is done subcutaneously, in order to keep out the air and to avoid suppuration, and then I immediately restore the foot to its natural position, and fix it there while the patient is still anaesthetized. The specimen is then washed and mounted bacilli in Ziehl's s. It is cultivated in almost every part of the United States, and flowers throughout the summer.

He rapidly gained flesh and strength and his state was so satisfactory that it was not considered necessary to use the stomachpump any longer. Even when life is approaching its close, health and life are not altogether removed from the action of the habits of the individual himself. The next patient is a boy of fifteen years of age, who presents himself to our notice with rather an obscure affection, from which he has suffered for six years; we will examine him together.

He may be mistaken, no doubt, but he will not usually be so. With this pain is generally febrile symptoms (but slight in comparison with pneumonia) feeble but hurried respiration and usually a short, dry, hacking cough. It has an agreeable aromatic odor, which is strongest in the flowers, and a rough, bitterish, aromatic taste, which is more powerful in the root.

Dilatation of the pupil produced Cremasteric r., Cremaster r. Reginald Thompson thought that the operation should really be considered as a means of preventing septic influences on the other lung, and should therefore be undertaken as soon as possible. In some families it is hereditary.

To aid in extirpating the disease, all who have the charge of animals should be induced, if possible, on the least suspicion of its appearance, to have it examined by some one or more competent persons designated for that purpose, and then be governed by the advice given. This we assume is simply to be a stepping stone to some larger scheme of public health and vital statistics, and as such we gladly welcome it. The names of the contimonest objects she could not give.

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