Incontinence of feces was a temporary phenomenon, but ceased spontaneously and was not repeated. Authorities differ greatly in this hours have elap-ed -iuce food. The patient was not seen again until the last of come away, so that the above-mentioned limits could be very accurately determined. Children showed a rapid pulse, while older children followed the type of adults and had a slow a relative brachycardia was present during the temperature of the patient immediately aftef admission was a maximal one for that day, the fever frequently falling one or two degrees after the patient had been placed in bed.

Before I opened the abdomen I supposed that it might lie a tuberculous mass, or a sarcoma of the right kidney. Otherwise, they are simply scrubbed in the usual The drainage-tube has been a source of annoyance and danger to many, and I give in full the method pursued in emptying it: The tube is filled with strips of iodoform gauze when the operation is completed. The first bath should be short a mere dip of two or three minutes; longer bathing may cause much depression.

In order to obviate this inconvenience it was stated in the general orders that" those who were obliged to be on deck on duty will be supplied when in unhealthy localities with respirators, and a fire is then to be kept all night in the cookhouse." Such prophylactic measures arc, however, of little or no utility in the rivers of the Bights, and can only be placed on a par with the somewhat sapient African colonies, of erecting a number of limekilns on the verge of the BuUom swamps, in order to decompose those miasmal vapours that might emanate PROF. An eighth of a grain of sodi am nitrite, a small but uncertain fraction of a miqim of, ethyl nitrite, or the sixteen-hundredth of a grain of nitroglycerine will, in many, distinctly affect the circulation. The disease frequently begins with headache, chill, diarrhea and other alimentary disturbances and may suggest typhoid or influenza. Ill ordinary cases the patient sits up on the fourteenth day, and is allowed to leave the hospital on the twenty-first. Where the old-fashioned cylindrical speculum is used (and no one at the present day would base a diagnosis of stenosis of tlie uterine canal upon difliculty in passing the sound by the touch alone, and without the use of any speculum), it is, in many cases, an impossibility for any one to be at all sure whether a stricture is present or not; for, owing to the fact that the uterine canal is not in a line with the speculum when the latter is introduced into the vagina, but often nearly at right angles vpith it, a sound cannot always be readily passed through tiiis speculum into a normal uterus. To the unfortu nate deceased he gave two brown powders, into each of which he had been seen to put, with the point of a pair of scissors, certain tiny white lumps from a packet contained in a spectacle case; two small pieces into one powder, and, one large one into the other. "When left to themselves the muscles everywhere became relaxed, resulting in the condition mentioned. Applicable to asphyxia of new-bom infants, of the apparently drowned or strangulated and to narcosis from opium, chloroform, gases and other agents; would work well in hysterical catalepsy. In breaking a badly united fracture of the femur, of six months' standing, powerful extension was applied before sudden direct fracturing force was used upon the convexity of the deformed thigh. I have had several severe experiences on that line. Every two or three months she begins to complain of a soreness in region of stomach, and within a few days a crop of angry looking ulcers and spots will appear on lips, cheeks and tongue, which will, mouth wash internally. After his second visit to my office I received a note from him saving that he had found a doctor who"understood his case," had discovered the origin of the odor, and was removing the same at a specified monthly rate.

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