For example, some saw the pregnancy as a desperate effort to force a marriage, others as a means of proving their femininity, as a retaliation gesture against parents or as a defense against loneliness. On showing the cases mentioned above, cured by resorcin, I insisted upon its being tried in this case.

Fourteen has not been a single bad result of any kind. A hospital for inebriates wouUI be the development of another specialty,;gentlenien are still at work with this end in view. County medical societies not having already Secretary are requested to send them in immediately. During the past year and a half I have treated a number of cases and recurrent winter coughs with Glyco-Heroin (Smith) and have obtained is robust and of good habits ( With suicidal intent, or traces of them, can be found in other portions of the body. It is not unlikely that appendicitis often exists at these times and is usually overlooked.

Tuberculous caries of talus and cal- Recovery, cancus; tuberculous ulcers on both Tuberculosis of posterior astragalo- Healing by first in and removal of a sequestrum of noj clc to Chopart's articulation. This continued for several minutes, the auricles contracting either at the same time or very shortly before the ventricles, when the time which elapsed between the onset of auricular and ventricular systoles was not sufficient for the normal passage of the impulse. Sippy: Yes; but it is not so delicate as with the spinal fluid. Urobilin not Identical with an Oxidation Product of HemopyroUe; A DISCUSSION OF THE MANNER IN WHICH CEREBRAL Recent successful cultivation of malarial plasmodia in vitro permits experiments which indicate the exact manner in which cerebral malaria is produced. The reason Wohlgemuth has had better success lies in the fact that he delivered the oxygen under pressure, thereby securing its better combination with the chloroform. A more gross imposition upon the community, than is exhibited by the publication before us, has not come within our knowledge. The greatest number of cases may be said to commence with a chill; and the patients are worse every other, every third, or every fourth day. At the end of thirty-six hours, however, the patient instead of being more comfortable was suffering rather severely. Further, it was pointed out that an overwhelming defeat of his amendment by a recorded vote would seriously hamper the Senate conferees in their efforts to bargain with members of the House in joint conference. The illnesses cannot be classified as relapses, of five no records of which are avi ON A LOBAR FORM OF BRONCHOPNEUIMOXIA OF LONG DURATION, OCCURRING IN CHILDREN For some time, possibly four or five years, I have been interested in a disease of the lungs which cannot be readily classified nor easily named.

Finley Bell, Martha WoUsteiii and John Lovett Alorse of Boston, on the general subject of Typhoid Fever. I believe the time has passed when it is reprehensible for the physician in general, and the teacher in particular, to lay his wares before the possible consumer. It is true that we have removed the outer table of the temporal bone in children, the periosteum destroyed by necrosis or caries, or portions of the same in adults, but which, in most cases, was followed by permanent deafness on that side. At a recent meeting of the Russian Chemical Soci vital process of various microbes. The anomalous segment of the spine may be fused in situ before significant deformity occurs.

In estimating the value of therapeutic procedures in eases of meningitis, it is essential to remember the clinical course of the disease with which we have to deal, and its pathological histology. For many most of the feeble-minded, we need a better system of education; an education that tends to put into the finger-tips of the individual taught a form of education that the individual can use in the acquisition of his daily bread.

Ine the poor sufferer from continuing the use of the drug! mid you not do so under the same circumstances! I have iuently had persons to tell me that there was no danger of ir ever getting into the morphine habit; that the drug had pleasures for them; that they had a very strong will power iviction that there is not a man living who can not be gotten o the habit, and to that extent, too, that no will power on th could cause him to suddenly discontinue it; and instances very few, indeed, where the confirmed victim of the mor iie habit, by will power alone, has succeeded in emancipating his terrible, enslaving habit must not be confounded with infinitely less enslaving whisky and tobacco habits. The antimony renders the compound harder, but if too much be added, it becomes brittle. These include its isolation, metabolism, quantitative estimation and qualitative determination, as well as its role in acute It is the aim of this series to publish comprehensive and analytic reviews within the fields of clinical and experimental transplantation as well as cellular immunology. REVIEW OF SOUTHERN MEDICAL I.ITEKATUHE. The active period of adult life furnishes a large majority of the I)urer cases, mainly because at this time the individual exposure to e.xciting causes is at its height. It must be confessed that after due consideration of the various theories advanced it would seem that E wart's hypothesis is the broadest and the most logical.

Gently warm the whole in a flask, and filter. Inattention to this issue is likely to produce iatrogenic attachment to the therapist which could not be undone Dependence. Fortunately, the more serious side-effects, such as agranulocytosis and collagenic syndromes, are not common. In this series this same feature is also apparent, and it is found that the average age in adult life in cases of new growth is of course quite in consonance with our present conception of the relationship of new growth The similar tendency toward general tissue hyperplasia in tuberculosis is also well established and need therefore cause no surprise when it occurs at any age.