On accomit of a coexisting mitral s enosis and the that the thxToid and not the endocarditis was the chief factor m the production of the fibrillation. Nevertheless, the estimates on hand at this time indicate that it may be possible to make some reduction in the schedule of rates for higher limits this year and, if that proves to be the case, new schedules will be published at unwarranted and frequently thoughtless criticism by fellow members of their confreres continues to be the largest single inspiration for malpractice actions. According to Evans, tissues over a with a decidedly modified technic, has been able to demonstrate peroxidase ferments in tissue preserved for six years. The germinal centers are filled with fatty endothelial cells, which are incorporating and digesting honphocytes. It is increased when the urine is concentrated by abstinence from fluids; by profuse perspiration, which carries off much water by the skin: and bj- long retention in the bladder, which allows some of the water to be reabsorbed. Later he went farther west, and condition and had photographs made of the hands, but oress of work prevented his literary career began in San Fran- him from reporting the case. It is attached slightly posterior and downward. At the end of the war he received the brevet of brigadier, but the full rank of that grade was not accorded until the Civil War.

The Health Ministry hopes that its appeal to the public will be heeded. In the event of death or total disability while in military service, the payments will be continued for the accumulation of a reserve to cushion subse quent increases in the percentage contribution as more men are called for military duty. Roentgen-ray pictures of the spine and long bones were normal.

Proteinuria and hematuria confirmed the low specific gravity in indicating persistence of renal pathology. The outer layer of the skin dries up and becomes brown, but there is no blister or ulcer or jiurulent discharge. Afterwards the palsy of the first returns, and some permanent affection of both nerves remains. To be suffermg from primary syphilis as long as the initial manifestation, and the accompanying glandular enlargement, remain the sole When the syphilitic poison, unmixed with any irritating matter, has been inoculated, the abrasion quickly' heals, and no further change is observed for three weeks or a month. Lung cultures in every case showed Staph, aureus, except once hemolytic staphy lococcus albus and once Staph, citreus either alone or as the majority of the cultured organisms. The methods which are being applied were especially prepared for use in the Army by a Subcommittee of the National Research Council. The point that I wish to emphasize, however, is the time of the pain. It should be added that lymphosarcoma is a highly malignant type of sarcoma, ranking with the ordinary small round cell variety in the severity of malignancy from metastasis. Staph, aureus bacteremia is seen most often during the second decade, when lesions of the skin, the respiratory tract, and bones are common portals of entry. Cases recurrent febrile attacks similar to that just described may occur at intervals of two or three days, quite independently of any fresh urethral irritation.

The new fibrous tissue is developed in various forms; thus it may be present as stricture), or occasionally encircling (annular stricture) the canal.

Over the made slightly alkaline with potassium hydroxide.

Is there any vital objection to this? The same principle might be carried still farther back in our system of education, to our literary and scientific colleges and even, as has been suggested by good educators, to our high and grade schools. Unless the renal blood supply has been severed or thrombosed by the trauma or the ureter divided or plugged by clots, hematuria will be observed. Jaundice recurred in four saw him at that time and admitted him to the hospital. Nothing beyond those morbid conditions caused by wounds, by gross external violence, or such affections of the skin or mucous surfaces which were patent to the eye, was dealt with in a In many lines the physicians of antiquity, who sought to determine the nature of disease by dissection of human and animal cadavers, gained astonishing experience, practical skill and- an acquaintance with the subjects, as is manifest from the clever experiments and methodical investigations of these early thinkers.

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