There was one new thing m the scheme of which he approved, and that was the subdivision of the examinations, allowing a man to pass in one subject when rejected in another, or to take Dr.

When the abdominal section was made, two cysts came in sight; the larger one was punctured, and a large quantity of dark coloured semi-fluid material evacuated, and as the other cyst was in the way of the withdrawal of this one, it too was punctured, and a watery fliud escaped. The stipendiary magistrate, after a fortnight's absence from ill health due, as was believed, to the insanitary condition of the court in which he was obliged to sit while administering justice, was congratulated by the senior member of the legal profession present on his recovery, and addressed on the necessity for having better sanitary arrangements made in his police police court, in which it was stated that the foul air and bad ventilation exercised a most prejudicial effect upon the health of those whose business required their attendance there.

Involvement of the seventh cranial nerve was shown by incomplete facial palsy CALIFORNIA STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE in four out of five cases. This conclusion is supported by the course of the great majority of miasmatic contagious diseases. All get-atable false membrane was painted with perchloride of mercury and glycerine (i ia It is most important that injection be performed at theearliest possible moment after a definite diagnosis has beerk made, and it is specially in connection with this point that I made at home before treatment can be commenced at hospital, and under unfavourable circumstances the time might be longer. In toxic quantities nicotine is a powerful gastro-intestinal irritant, and produces the usual symptoms of pain, vomiting (in animals capable of the act), purging and collapse. The same professor, who is the newly-appointed Director of the Policlinic, will also give courses on Diseases of the Larynx, and ou the more modern methods of examining and treating cases of Heart and Lung disease. Although vesiculation frequently occurs in eczematides, the fluid is small in amount as compared with eczema, and the vesicles usually dry and become crusted without rupturing.

The chemical form of the lead compound at the time of absorption is unknown.

However, by giving publicity to the matter and early contradiction to the President's statement, I think the profession will be able to previ'nt any injurious use being made of it during the five months that must elapse before the May Direct Representative for England and Wales.

The pain was very acute, and no sleep could be obtained previous to admission without posterior flaps in the middle third; all bleeding was controlled by the application of Esmarch's bandage.

T., gunshot wouud of the heart, Vaccination: New Investigations, H. Douglas Powell are fulfilled in the tablelands of the Karoo, but that the warmer air of South Africa gives an advantage over Alpine mountain resorts, and that the dust storms, which are the curse of South Africa, can be avoided by seeking in winter In spite, however, of all that is urged in favour of the climate of the Soath African uplands for phthisical patients, it is most emphatically stated in Messrs.

S., proposed central Hospital Board Long Ashi.on, the rural district council of and Loomis, A L, A System of Practical;Medicine, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, dinner to, by the Lord Mayor, dinner to the medical profession Loughborough, the Board of Guardians of on Lowe, J., The Yew Trees of Great Britain and Lowry, J. Instantaneously from large lethal doses of prussic acid, owing to diastolic arrest of the heart.

It is characterized by gastro-iritestinal indigestion, with nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhoea or constipation, and abortion ensues in pregnant animals.

Such a course has been the ruin of scores of young men, who have thereby lost the habits of work impressed on them at school, and come to us puffed up with a little smattering of knowledge and disinclined to enter upon the hard drudgery which is necessary before the really interesting part of their work is reached.

' If we could venture to speculate on a subject on which several writers have speculated unsuccessfully, we would say, that tiie part of the disorder, in which the brain, and the organs of sensation and motion were concerned, consisted in impeded circulation, and the imperfect supply of arterial blood, rather than in any thing like inflammation. The mathematics of the subject are not neglected, but by the use of the graphic method many mathematical formulfe which otherwise would be very difllcult for such auditors, are rendered clear.

One of the greatest arts in medicine is to know when and when not to interfere in the natural course of a disease. In the meantime both the old journals were holding back their January issues though each had some matter in type. Certain bodies might not liave this power. In both cases endocardial lesions had arisen before coming under observation, but in neither could reliable histories of their onset be obtained.

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