Tlie interesting details, with temperature charts and results, are to be drawn up carefully for future The following is a brief description of the methods adopted by Mr. Many members had thought of Moscow as a medieval, oriental city, but they found its medical_ institutions strictly up to date, and noted with surprise the confident spirit of pan-slavism which considers that the future belongs to it.

The perforation was found nine inches from the ileocjccal valve, and was one-eighth of an inch in diameter. The Diamond and Unique brands of toilet paper are unlike any others, and have a degree of excellence in quality which makes a trial customer become a permanent one. In the second class of cases, those in which an unstable nervous system of the individual was at fault, the treatment was essentially mental, and the best way of administering it was by systematic education (latch).

Took up his business after returning from business than ever. He always referred the pain" to the back of the eyes," but did not complain of any trouble in seeing. She was in labor at the time of her admission, there was a fetid, bloody discharge from the vagina. The accompanying tables (Table I and Table II) will show the results of these of his statistics because, as my own collection is incomplete, I felt that it would make the cerebellar cases unduly prominent. More than six thousand mattresses and rugs were provided l)y the Minister of War, so that plenty of good beds were prepared in a very few hours. W.) We expect to publish in an early issue a complete expositiqn of the law governing the subject of patents and trademarks as applied to medicinal substances. Acute suppuration of the middle ear, mastoiditis, acute cerebrospinal meningitis, acute parotitis, lymphadenitis, alveolar ab,scess, periostitis and osteomyelitis of the maxillsR are regarded as suited for treatment with passive hyperemia. In former days clinics were added to the interesting program. Their size depends on the pressure of the surrounding tissues, so that in the peritoneum or brain they may grow to a great size.

Each day the eight sub-libraries would get from the public libraries the books that had been requested the day before, and keep them in readiness for those ordering them. The Presbyterian, Roosevelt and Now York Hospitals all respond to calls within their own territory.

Under the above head may also be included the cardiac inadequacy, which not infrequently follows severe muscular effort, the" heart strain" of many authors. Very few people employed on wages or salary accumulated anything for a rainy day and he had found that where his firm built houses to sell to their people, there was hardly one in a hundred that had money on hand and ready to make the of employed men had anything saved and were usually a couple of weeks behind in their bills. At present, only children under fourteen years of age are admitted to that excellent hospital, yet it is only a question of time when those children will be full grown, and provision there or elsewhere must be made for them.

In Moral principles and medical practice, Muscles and nerves, diagnostic value of Nose and on pharynx, handbook of diseases ( trthopa die surgery, brief essays on, by Pathological anatomy, atlas and essentials Pathology, laborator)' text-book of. The same is the case in the tremor of the muscles of the mouth, which appears sometimes in speaking and which may completely resemble that of Headaches in any part of the head are a com mon symptom in the early stages of each of the three forms of Dementia praecox. Qeelques considerations sur I'extension video (J. There were also a large number of small masses of bone which had been bitten away in the attempt to enlarge the opening made by the trephine.

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