Nicoll's many friends in Montreal. Bronchial breathing in the apices, subclavicular space, or often an early symptom.

In some cases,, it seems highly probable that fever is due to imperfect elimination: that is, effete material, the result ol tissue matabolism circulating in the blood, acts as an irritant to the nerve centers. Looked at from this standpoint exclusively, it has been contended that medicine itself is guilty of sustaining those in half-life, who, having received their death-sentence, postpone the execution, useless retainers, pensioners, and camp-followers of the much-enduring hard-pressed array of civilization. In the latter case, the'physiological neck is transported to the membranous sphincter, which is indeed the true sphincter of the bladder, and the integrity of which is indispensable to continuence after prostatectomy. It was a long time before we were willing to believe that the arteries did not contain air. The result has been that there has been brought together in the records of this pavilion a large number of ca?es, and this paper is chiefly a study of these records, to ascertain if possible which methods of treatment have been the In looking over thirteen text-books published in the last twentv' years, I find recommended the following measures for the treatment of purulent conjunctivitis: Cleanliness, iced compresses in the stage of swelling, with topical applications of nitrate of silver, solutions of the bichlorid of mercury, solutions of permanganate of potash, chlorinated water, iodoform and boric acid. It was considered a favourable case for an operation, and accordingly, means of pieces of tape and water dressing applied to the wound.

It is only a neutralizing agent, not one of regeneration. In less than two hours the patient was again seen, and found in a state of great excitement, as he felt worse, and the dyspnea seemed to be increasing. But to those that would grapple with the real evils of life it has always seemed strange and profoundly sad that democratic education seemed fatally prone to imitate the useless virtues, decaying graces, and luxurious superfluities of aristocratic para sitism. He had slept six or eight hours, almost"without intermission, and now felt comfortable, and expressed himself much pleased because of the sudden disappearance of his rheumatism. He began the practice of medicine after a short time as assistant to Prof. Six months ago they became very severe and increased in frequency, often occurring two or three times a day. The anterior surface of the lower extremities, from the ankles upward to about midway between the knees and Poupart's ligaments, were covered with a vesiculo-pustular eruption. It is but right that you should turn these advantages to good use. ONE'of the most prolific medical writers, so-called, of the age resides in St.

Of the eighty physicians now practising in Montreal, considerably more than half are members of the society; and the council hope to be in a position to announce at the next annual gathering, that every practicing physician in the city and neighbourhood has enrolled himself among its members. Exist iii a fleece twelve months after the animal is shorn. Palpation of an enlarged liver or spleen is occasionally followed by cough, which can no doubt be referred to the peritoneal covering of those organs innervated by branches of the vagus.

The publishing facilities of the larger journals are so superior to those of the home periodicals that the communication generally appears complete in the former, while it is still dragging as a serial through the latter or has not yet seen the light, or it may be published simultaneously in two or more cotmtries to obtain a wider circle of readers. In feeble or delayed gastric digestion, pepsin and dilute hydrochloric acid, given after food, must always constitute one of All these rules are intended to prevent decompo sition and the development of toxic agents in the intestines, but for some time, at least, the evil will continue, and means must be used to render those products harmless, and to eliminate them. Let me recommend you, if possible, to avail yourself of every one performed during your student life. The field in which it works is vaster, and its methods reach deeper, touching the roots of the ills from which relief is sought.

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