In persistent uterine hemorrhage, particularly in that occurring just before or at the menopause, radium treatment has been so successful llial il may l)c considered as almost, if not The good effect of radium in supeiticial skin lesions, both malignant and benign, is too well known to require more than passing comment. He shall aid the Councilors in the organization and improvement of the county societies and the extension of the power and influence of the Society. Third, That the Executive Committee shall arrange for a Section dinner on the evening of the second day of the Annual meeting, at the usual dining hour of the place of meeting, at a price not to exceed two dollars, each member paying for his own ticket. Here, as elsewhere, of failure of sutures, as then applied, as due to septic infection. Bisramgunge Ghat, when the temperature in the tents ranged from niidnight, they suffered severely, and two officers and eleven men died in four days, and later on seven more died in three days. Nitric acid occasions yellow stains, and sulphuric acid, taste; great heat in the throat, with destruction of the lining membrane; difficult and painful deglutition; vomiting of bloody matter, which turns the yellow of tumeric brown; acute pain in the stomach; cold sweats; weakness; hiccough; violent colic pains, with purging of bloody stools and membranous flakes; and death." The materials thrown up, will effervesce with vinegar it is frequently followed with violent symptoms, and occasionally by death. There is nothing characteristic about the ulcers before us.

The next day her limbs ached and this was followed by anorexia and nausea, aching in was normal in color and free from albumen on that day but later became bile-stained. Especially on spots on which urine has been voided.

The mouths of the veins entering the basilic were all closed up with firm coagula of blood or lymph. Plant is a pure and very bitter tonic; useful in dyspepsia, and all cases of debility. In brief, then, it appears that the virus is propagated in the central nervous tissues of the host, does not survive the external conditions of mediation, but by chance is transferred either directly or indirectly from nasal mucosa of the host to nasal mucosa of the susceptible new host. Our difficulties may not, of course, be entirely medical. A need for resection of the bowel may also arise in a most unexpected manner and.the discovery of appendix trouble when a salpingitis is diagnosed cannot I do not know how the division of the work is arranged in the general hospitals but the appearance in our Proceedifigs from time to time of cases that are not strictly gynaecological seems to show that the boundaries of the work of the surgeon and of the gynaecologist are somewhat elastic. The pinnao were very well developed and the hearing was perfect. From the foregoing, therefore, it is evident that operation is required in a large group of myomata: we reserve for radium only the smaller uncomplicated tumors whose only symptom is hemorrhage, as well as that type of uterine bleeding which, for want of a better term, we call myopathic. A large quantity of saliva constantly flowed down the oesophagus, and escaped by the wound into the trachea, causing considerable additional embarrassment to the respiration. He had frequently expressed a strong desire, that the termination of his existence might be without pain, having always looked stature, in person gross and corpulent; his features were coarse, and his countenance heavy; if not wholly void of animation, it certainly was by no means expressive. Considerable consolidation existed at the apex of the right lung, weak breathing was noted at the base and dry friction in the right axilla. When the operation was completed she was almost moribund.

At times they heal in the centre but continue to spread at the periphery, and may be surrounded by a raised border.

In such periodically active tissue cancer delights to ensconce its wandering cells. Such a process, however, took place not merely in man, but i many other kinds of animals, among which may be mentione insects, in the alimentary canal, of many of which protozoan para sites are found. The eifects resulting from the plugging of the minute pulmonary vessels induced in this way are verj' noteworthy, and illustrate clearly the consequence of obstruction of the circulation of the lungs.

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