Billings has, by this part of his address, brought ridicule, smiled at what must have seemed a weakness, or blushed for his black spot represents the home of sickness in my country; and it represents, also, and is the limit to the unenlightened part of the Davis, the Father of Medicine in the Mississippi Valley! aloud in his coffin as His Successor so slandered twenty thou The Constitution of the Texas State Medical Association recites that the objects of said Association are" to organize the medical encourage a high standard of professional qualifications and ethics; The avowed mission of this Journal is, and ever has been, the of the State Medical Association, and the advancement of the best interests of legitimate medicine in Texas.

In the administration building besides offices, apartments for the medical staff, etc., are to be found the observation ward for doubtful cases, and the erysipelas ward. They blame us for want of perfect success; but how can we succeed? We need greatlv increased war-reserves; and that is the"burning question" of the Army Medical Department, i-ngland means us to succeed; of that I have no doubt; but we should state openly our demands. Drug Substitution: Legislation was introduced two years ago (successfully defeated by MAG) which would take the care of the patient away from the physician. The Registrar-General's table includes eight German and the Local Government Board are about to issue regulations under the Sanitary Acts for adoption by the vestries of the metropolis, so as to enable them to deal with houses linkedin let out in tenements. At the Base the right leg was amputated in the lower third as dry gangrene of the foot had supervened on a Potts fracture.

In rare instances it may be proper overcoming dystocia in a large percentage of cases. Should the hemorrhage persist, it may usually be checked by the sucking of cracked iee, or by gargling the pharynx with hot water ( The composite odontome is made up of enamel, dentine, and cementum.

The death-rate in Leeds has recently exceeded, in a marked rate in the twenty-eight large English towns dealt with in the Registrar-General's weekly relurn. Moreover, as long as legislatures follow such a practice, havin'j established their precedent, having cut a deep rut in an unsound foundation, they get deeper and deeper in the mire in finding themselves unable to refuse tn a new group applving for a privilege that has been granted to all preceding applicants. WJien recently infected, Giardia multiplies more rapidly, and appears more copiously in the stools, than it does later in adult individuals in whom the infection has become chronic. It is therefore but a sUght accessory aid in the diagnosis.

Edmond Souchon, of Tulane University, Dr. Ord now ventured to read an extract, indicating the way in which the coinci-' dence had been regarded by him. This is slipped over the foot or head and pushed right up till it rests against in such a position that the rods lie one on either side of the broken limb and the"bow" projects beyond the foot, stirrup fashion. This amorphous powder represented eventually about half the original neutral material which had been in the ether extract. His digestion is disordered, his sleep disturbed, his spirits depressed, his intellect dulled; and while he usually continues about his work, his weakness grows upon him until he is attacked with slight chills or shiverings. In general, the product is obtained by withdrawing blood from a donor, the plasma and red blood cells are then separated by light centrifugation.

I found that firm and sustained pressure with the fingers over the tumour produced a depression in its mass which lasted for some minutes after the pressure was withdrawn. Tiou may be sought in the pheuomena of organic variation. On standing it may urine is precipitated with barium mixture (consisting of one part of saturated barium-nitrate solution and two parts of concentrated barj-ta water) ( - another point to which attention may be drawn in passing is the frequency with which it is shown in the tables how inoculation with a second bacterium of the group causes a new rise in agglutinin titre for the bacterium used in the first immunization. When exposed to air, Carbonate of Ammonia readily undergoes a change which renders it worthless. There is no reason to believe that the condition of the spleen is connected directly with the condition of the liver. The deep flexor of the middle In testing for voluntary action in pronator radii teres, the patient should be asked to pronate the forearm from the position midway between pronation and supination. The application of the cautery to the cervix REFERENCE records HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. It disclosed an ulceration and perforation of the gall-bladder, through which the bile had escaped into the abdominal cavity, causing the fatal peritonitis. Definition has been sacrificed, and only a crude sketch remains. A copy of this I have placed on the same sheet with the illustration before referred to.

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