The writer proves each step in his theory by numerous experiments, and, in addition, demonstrates that the kidney substance, which in health is alkaline in reaction, becomes acid in nephritis. LiabiJity to Tuberculosis in Resorts. X indicates the position of the apex-beat. It is one of the pleasantest and most etticient laxatives or cathartics, according to dose given, and one of the best cellular eliminants known to medicine. Although the book is as clearly written as the nature of the subject permits, it is by no means light reading, and we are in cordial agreement with the author in recommending the student to read a primer of physiology in order to obtain a bird's-eye view of the subject before beginning a study of this work. In the third case the auricular and ventricular rates associated with a ventricular venous pulse in the neck, and in both these cases the rhythmic auricular flutter was subsequently replaced In several other patients who have come under my observation regular. The advantages claimed inexpensiveness of the mixture is a great factor as well.

Her phobic attitude about scissors seems too evident to require further comment. A general war may be required for putting nature's machinery in order again now that she has missed a cog. Plan programs for at least six months.

This phenomenon is now familiarly known as the'" Widal reaction," consists in complete loss of the motion so characteristic of the also, to be a change in the bacillary substance, so that the bacteria appear shrunken and distorted.

Parents liked the once or twice-a-day regimen and it was a highly successful way of managing symptoms in those atopic children who were in school. Nevertheless, the hormones are useful adjuncts when administered in sufficient amounts and under carefully controlled conditions.

Fractures of the olecranon process with wide separation of the fragments have been successfully treated at. You must fight on and follow the path of duty with patient courage But now and then, your skilful and which has been in deadly peril; and in that experience you will ftnd comfort and some partial compensation for that There is a word I would fain say to you, young gentlemen, on a subject which is bound up with your life-work as physicians, and will have a lasting influence on it, either for weal or woe. The chemical formula of elipten is a- (p-aminophenyl) -a-ethyl glutarimide. If the tumor were of recent growth, if it did not fill completely or at least did not pass beyond the limits of the naso-pharyngeal cavity, a loop, preferably the twice with success in the early stages. Reoperation is one of these factors. This is particularly true of the tendency to utilize Pentothal as a principal agent throughout an anesthetic procedure.

When left to themselves as ordinary citizens, people who have reached cultural limitation are not inclined to marry, nor to have children in those cases in which they do marry for material ends.

It is well to note that the work simplification program need not be restricted to the cardiac housewife. Cooperation between anesthetist and surgeon is mandatory to the success of the operation and to the restoration of normal function in the patient. Diabetes is In a relatively small percentage of cases, evidence of external pressure may be noted on roentgenographic examination of the stomach and duodenum. Component County Societies may require any Associate Member to pay certain local dues, out of which The Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society subscription is to be paid to the State Society for which each such Associate Member shall receive The Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society. Pregnancy subsequently occurred in several such cases. The development of a band of extreme tenderness along the seventh rib, with the formation of an ovoid area of inllammatory congestion extending to the fifth rib, edematous and painful, caused recourse to incision and drainage.

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