The technic for the intravenous injection is a large vein, which is readily accessible (with or without previous constriction of the upper part of the limb). At first the patient usually experiences disturbance' of vision in the form of dark lines or branching opacities, which are projected into space. The third great characteristic of inflammatory pain is tliat it is accompanied by disturbance of the normal function of the injured part. By paraplegia is meant simultaneous paralysis of corresponding halves of the body. The abdomen appeared essentially normal, with no masses, rigidity or tenderness. On such occasions he would say:"Watch me, men, I have no time to talk. A coarse blowing systolic murmur was made out, most distinct at the left apex, and transmitted around the leit hide to the lower angle of the scapula and the left intervertebral groove.

If pus and blood appear in the urine which cannot be accounted for clinically, and the freezing-point of the blood is greater than normal, probably the kidneys are at fault. Wood, Miles Astman, Ledbury Ex. Nastin and eucalyptus are advised.

It is usually due to irritation of sensory nerves, although there are said to The qualifying terms applied to pain are: P., pains affecting principally the limbs of patients suffering from locomotor,f ataxia. Instead of glass plates, ordinary glass abdominal drainagetubes have been employed, upon which the gut is wound quite tightly.

He thinks Hegar's operation far superior to Emmett's, but here there is no active provision for reaching the levator ani and uniting its ends. A Candidate may present himself for examination in either of these Subjects or Parts separately, or in both at one time. This makes the source of information self-evident, its authenticity indisputable, the movement will maintain its altruistic character and, above all, increase the respect of the laity for the science of medicine by giving concrete evidence of the profession's altruism. By the examination of morbid ova great light is thrown upon subjects which would otherwise be involved in obscurity. Filter, a filter-paper that is moistened with water, m. It has been impossible for us to introduce any systematic method of car disinfection, except on the lines running through the State, where we conform to the State coaches that have been occupied by tuberculous patients. Syn., Maurer's dots or clefts (mow'-rer): Cro ton-chloral or butyl-chloral has been recommended for neuralgia of the fifth nerve. Ames Company of Canada, Ltd., Toronto Periodic Physical Examination Helps Keep Many diseases, such as cancer, tuberculosis and those of the heart, blood vessels and kidneys, would not cause so many deaths in early life if they were each year thousands of Americans would have lived longer if they had known they needed help, or had The basic physical examination. His public health writings include: Reports on the"Course of the Rotation in Lateral Curvature of the Spine," to the Transactions of the New York Academy other orthopedic papers may be enumerated the following:"Ischiatic Support of the Body in the Treatment of Joint Diseases of the"Criticism of Certain Theories of the Cause Conservatism Desirable in the Treatment of Rotary Element in Lateral Curvature of the the Body in its Relation to the Pathology and EMINENT AMERICAN PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS.


These synonymous terms are applied to pigmented nevi in which the nevus cells are confined to the dermis. It is usually associated with anencephaly. Agriculturists in the Old World, they retained their fondness for the same pursuits in the New; and a belt of outlying townships, to which they lovingly gave the familiar names of the different parts of the principality from which they severally came, still surround Philadelphia, and transmit to succeeding generations the evidence of the source from whence their fathers sprang." From this stock arose the James, Cadwalader, Lloyd, and other families, associated in each generation with the best society in Philadelphia, and furnishing to each the medical men, who discharged with fidelity the trust reposed in them.

He had a thorough command over the attention of his class, with whom he always possessed unbounded popularity.

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