Dropsy is a very frequent symptom, both as oedema and in the form of internal serous effusions. The seriously sick and injured were taken to St. It was later found that there are other compounds in the food stuffs which are as essential to a normal diet as the antineuritic one which occurs in the rice polishings and which, by the way, has been found in other food stuffs.

Chronic form of the disease; in other words, it does not lead to ulceration or other lesions of the mucous membrane of the large intestine, and it does not involve any tendency to complications or secondary affections.

In removing the bladder it was torn off www.feminahealth.co.za just beyond the neck. For the next few days she remained at home and rested.

If there is not sufficient warmth at once comes to the body, have This can be placed on each side close to the blankets and the warmth will soon get the person warm and when the warmth comes then, if this fever can be aborted you will soon have the sweat good, you have all of this"fevek" under control.

Donald Darrach of Kensington, P E, I.

Occasionally, inflanunation of the appendages produces such a degree of pelvic congestion that the vessels of the endometrium break down.

Another room has been added to the house and this room since added does not smell the same as the room where they had the measles many years ago.

It is curious, however, to find persisting the ancient classical idea that the treatment of desperate cases should not be undertaken by Ihe surgeon. It was conceivable that the cancer grew along the lympliatics, but he did not quite follow how the bud was cut off from the centre.


Charles Sheard on his election in South Toronto by a majority of over three thousand. He admitted that there are many good, conscientious, reliable surgeons, and, furthermore, he stated that that there are a number of men who are rather hasty in their judgments, and will operate on almost anything that will lie still, whether an operation is really necessary or not. We can give these teas freely and feel safe that every dose will accomplish some thing for the child. Practically without exception cases treated in this way from the first have made good recoveries with motion, which has not been found to be true in the much larger number of cases end of whose humerus (the head and several inches of shaft) had been blown ofT by a high explosive shell. Oh! but we do believe in germs. His first impression was that he was shot through both arms.

In all cases of cancer, especially in cancer of the breast, the only effectual treatment at present known is early and free removal of the disease. " N.evertheless, while shrinking from the task originally imposed upon the Committee on Medical Literature, there are functions which it may still perform, wc think, with advantage to the profession. The better to safeguard the public from inefficiency among ourselves, I would add the following requirement to the criteria of efficiency noted by the Events, viz. In exophthalmic goitre Kocher found general hyperplasia of the lymphoid organs and proliferation of ectopic lymphoid tissue, involving the suprarenals, and ovaries, and more rarely the pancreas.

(c) CSMS Representative to Task Force on Nursing: It was VOTED to accept with regret the resignation of Kurt Pelz, Clinton, as CSMS representative to the subject Task Force. Did any one ever hear of diphtheria in the Fejee Islands? So that if our amiable Mons.

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