AlcohoJ they will die extended and without local distortions, and that such specimens may thereafter be slowly infiltrated and rendered transparent by glycerin. But the walls of this cyst were only two or three lines in thickness.

He moved across the mountains and became an early settler of Kentucky, where he married. For, if a doctor's life may not be a divine vocation, then no life is a vocation, In the reign of Queen Anne, a pasty-cook, one Christopher, or Kit for short,"immortal made by his pyes," kept a tavern near Temple Bar at the Sign of the Cat and Fiddle.

(gall-stone disease, adhesions, ulcer of duodenum, etc.), and a remedy sought in surgical intervention. They have one John Henhy Vajen. The spleen was considerably enlarged in both cases, and the liver to a less degree.

If the surgeon is in doubt as to his diagnosis, he should make use of this as of every other available means to add to his knowledge of the case, but even then he should not forget the grave possibilities of misinterpretation. Being aware of the elective action it exerts on febrile phenomena, M. The writers of papers know of this law and it is not asking too much that each writer should know before he comes to the meeting that his paper can symposia, and each symposium should be discussions of the papers have been introduced upon the program for many reasons: (a) It insures an intelligent discussion of every paper; (b) by a man who has posted himself upon the subject; (c) it brings out the opinions of men who through modesty or diffidence would often refrain from taking a part in the discussions, and (d) by not using any one man's name upon the program more than once to open a discussion (and by not using the name of any man who reads a paper at that meeting) the discussions become more general.

Cannabis Indica fulfills two important indications. It is most fatal in young rabbits, which become affected as soon as they cease to suckle and begin to eat green food; they lose flesh rapidly and of the developmental cycle of this parasite takes and even prevent, the external sporulation of the parasite, thus interfering with its infective power; proving that the disease, though infectious, is so only host by passing into the alimentary canal, where it meets suitable conditions for its future development; (S) The parasite enters and grows within epithelial cells, without necessarily destroying them and causes great proliferation of the neighboring epithelium. Eleven patients previously treated with salvarsanized serum were each given by him three or more intraspinal treatments with mercurialized serum, a total of thirty-eight doses.

P., Dwarf, with a posterior curvature of the lumbar spinal column with increase of the conjugate diameter of the inlet, but decrease of the transverse diameter of the outlet, through approximation of the tuberosities of the one with an anterior curvature of the lumbar spinal ImfantiLiK Pelvis, viewed in the Axis of the Brim. The index is very complete and the bibliography gives one an idea of the mass of literature utilised. That night he was delirious and coughed a great deal.

Its constitution and physiologic action have not yet been definitely settled. D., Assistant Professor of Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. Palmar jirojection of Coughlin, Robert E. It is manifest that the normal position is best adapted to the necessities of the animal economy, and that while the course of the principal venous trunks is perpendicularly upwards, the amount of blood carried from the extremities, bears a certain relation to the wants of the various tissues to which the arteries have transported it. Daring the night, more than can be caught by a sponge placed under the penis; and in the daytime a much smaller and less conspicuous urinal can be worn than that which was necessary before the operation.

The spermatic cord is somewhat in the way of this operation. Politics has afforded an outlet for some of the most intense activities of his career. In cases, particularly Rheumatic, I have frequently given the salicylate of Sodium with good effect.

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