It would be just, because the merits of those schools which send up a comparatively large proportion of well trained candidates would appear on the face of the returns. Bowen uses the guillotine with blade reversed, as have others, but tlie special feature to my mind is the manner in which he manipulates the interpalatal portion of the tonsil into the ring of the instrument. While this fluid is being.secreted Nature is making a further effort to localize the disoasod focus by the formation of adhesions.

Month of her seventh pregnancy contracted rather severe acute bronchitis apparently caused by the attending cough. For these inoculations the cord is subjected to the same manipulations as the bit of medulla which you have just seen me make use of, that is, successive pieces are ground up with sterilized veal broth, and placed in covered test tubes to be availed of in the dispensary in the And again making myself a questioner you make no further disposition of the encephalon from which you have removed so small a portion? None, whatever, except to destroy it utterly, for we hold it to be unsafe if And how comes it, then, that rabies is Ah! said the operator, and I think I distinctly understood him, opinioni the frequent transmission through rabbits so far modifies the poison as to render its employment safe, such as it exists in the spinal cord; but the virus residing in the bulb, particularly so, perhaps, at the point where the scissors are.

In one case transmission took place through a male who was himself the subject of cataract. Particulars of the Bill and forms of petitions will shortly be published; and the opinions and criticisms of the Poor-law medical officers will be shillings a year, and, in order to simplify accounts, will in future become due on the ist of January.

Fluid Extract of Belladonna i ounce. He has employed it with favorable results in cases of varicose veins and ulcers. So much impressed was the Director-General of the Army Medical Service with the reasonableness of this complaint that he decided no insane soldier or oflicer should bo certified to be insane when suffering from a mental or nervous breakdown either until nine months bad elapsed after the commencement of his illness, or unless the illness on the face of it presented incurable features or symptoms of chronicity or irrecoverability such as would be implied by cases of general paralysis, epileptic insanity, confirmed dementia praecox, or chronic home and overseas presenting meutal symptoms have been treated by the Army Medical Services in war hospitals recovered early, yet with the exceptions referred to not one of them has been allowed to suffer from the stigma of Bamo treatment which is meted out to the mentally sick soldier should be extended to his civilian relations, as the bcnofils conferred upon the soldier would be extended equally to them, for in the early stages recovery is the London County (Jouncil of which I had personal knowledge, whilst less than a third of those who recovered did so after nine mouths and up to several years. After considerable study it is found that the most efficient procedure for the internal hemorrhoid or partial prolapse of the rectum (with or without hemorrhoids) is an injection method which will not cause a sloughing but will produce a mechanical or chemical irritation of the submucosa layer, forming a sclerosis or adhesions between the mucous membrane and the muscular layer. " Alfred Pullar, M.D., Physician to the East London Hospital for their work, admirable in other respects, lacks that scientific basis, that dependence on microscopical research, which the difficulty and obscurity of skin-diseases often demand. Few, if any, new eczemas start after the sixth year of life, while asthma may have its onset at any time during childhood, generally after the first year, Bret Ratner, M.D., New York, points out in The Journal of the Hay fever is different; an occasional case may occur in early childhood, but it is only after the sixth year that the incidence of fixed hay fever becomes notable. The fossil turned out to be a jug handle: The following gentlemen have been elected presidents of the Royal The following ofllice-f)earerB of the Edinburgh Obstetrical Society unless, as it is said, be be only a" Professor Extraordinary" in that jodioe agaiosl both vaccination and revacdnatlon.

It can be readily seen that there are many elements favoring the securing of repair without shortening or deformity, but there are also several factors which somewhat oppose the obtaining of this very desirable result, thus the natural fretfulness and especially when restricted in its movements, the necessity of taking it up for purposes of feeding or of ablution, tend to disturb the fragments and to interfere with satisfactory repair.

Extravasated blood was also found in the neurilemma of the nerves of the internal meatus and around the sacculi. His further recommendations hinge upon the substitution of a proper esprit de corps for the absurdities of etiquette, and upon a less oligarchical management of medical QUEER COMPLICATIONS IN GENERAL BOULANGER'S CASE. It is insidious in its origin and frequently progresses to a serious extent before medical aid is invoked. He paid a tribute to tlie Library Association for tho part it had taken in bringing about the foundation of tho school, aud in particular to Sir John MacAlisler, the president of the association, who is consulting librarian to tho Hoyal Society ot Medicine.

The agent employed was or little importance, but a free discharge should be secured.

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