Reeder also assisted Branch Rickey, then coach at Michigan, during his days at the University. Bedford Brown, of Alexandria, Va., read a paper entitled"Positive and Negative Medication." He stated that in the administration of remedies the effect must be positive or negative, the results good or bad (

I brought it before the Society to hear some opinions beside my own. To ths Editor of" The Indian Medical Gazette." Kami, admitted as male under trial-prisoner. - but even within that limitation I have left me a multitude of themes; for the progressive spirit of gynecology and abdominal surgerj- has brought to the surface many perplexing problems of importance alike to the specialist and to the general practitioner. Another and a much more readily cured defect in the current system of licensing and examining, is that which grows out of taking cognizance of"schools of practice." In this mandamus suit it is plausibly urged as a sufficient reason for the Court's interference that, while there is representation on this Board of the regular, the"homeopathic" and the"eclectic" schools, there is none of the particular school to which the petitioner belongs.

The strength of each is one combatant ofiicer in command, two surgeons, ninety-eight non-commissioned officers and men (including seventy-one for one four- horse kitchen wagon, seven two-horse store wagons, and one one horse medical store cart.


It is to be seriously doubted whether a cure was ever effected; at least, the author has never seen one cured after the disease was Dk.

Still, the duties of that chair have to be discharged, and the Vienna school has just taken the primary steps to fill it.

Prof Kahler thought that it had to be applied in the case he had mentioned before (michigan). There was no loss of power in any limb, and the patient was able to get out of bed without assistance ( Experiments were also made with iodide of potassium on a healthy man who had congenital extroversion of the bladder; the drug produced some local irritation, which prevented the completion of the series.

The present remarkable position in applied science and in industrial trades of all sorts has been made possible by men who did pioneer work in chemistry, in physics, in biology, and in physiology, without a thought in their researches of any practical application. I considered it right, therefore, in justice to my patient, to consult with Mr. Sanger Brown, of Chicago, read the REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE ON INFORMATION, the report dealt with the prevention of smallpox, and the Before the days of vaccination, the annual mortality from smallpox in England averaged about three thousand to each annum, and in Russia smallpox is said to have destroyed urged the necessity of re-vaccination at least once in seven years, or oftener in case of unusual danger from the disease. Milk or farinaceous diet, plenty of water, or, better, Poland, Bethe.sda, Seltzer, ApoUinaris, or Vichj-, warm bathing, warm feet, a few good those of digitalis, and nitro-gljxerine, will often prove beneficial. Its hydatid or pupa harbors in the ox. A dinner was given opened by Dr. Massage, sanitarium treatment, electricity, "" sea voyaging, boating, riding, mountaineering, all have their advantages for those who can avail themselves of them. In conclusion, we beg to offer the following resolutions: Refolved, That the American Medical Association renews its appeal to the Congress of the United States to adopt the bill now in its possession for the creation of"A Department and a Secretary of Public Health." Resolved, That the Committee proceed as soon as possible to secure subcommittee in each congressional district of the country to obtain a favorable action on the part of their Senators and Representatives for this measure. The Institutions of Caspai-, so much recommended by authors, were revised and augmented under many editions, by the son of Thomas; in which state the Wag Cornelius Bontekoe likened this book, when named by Thomas," Anatomia reformata, pallio pannoso non inepte, quasi ex laciniis novis et antiquis consarcinatam esse solet."" Made up of patched and pie-bald languages." How any man, writing of these serious subjects, can so far forget the dignity of Station, by such abominable levities, I leave to the horrors of his own, and his Reviewer's imagination. It is not easy, however, to ascertain whether a man talking a different language, and removed from his habitual environment, is mentally The most feasible theory of the murder was that the father, probably unsettled in mind or actually insane, had killed the child in order to spite his wife, and had adopted "" the place and manner of so doing either for the purpose of concealment or imputation. This is a provision, ohio which may have been The second fact is. Of copper, but it would not do. The discovery of artificial anoesthesia was an event of sacb a complete account of it in this connection. - tubercles in both lungs, in bronchial and mesenteric glands, and in spleen.

Often, actual poisons are given "" to the victim, a common one being strophanthin (from the dried seeds of strophanthus plants).

The surfaces yielded on compression a white creamy fluid in considerable quantity ( So wide was his reputation and so implicit was the belief of his patients in his wonderful powers, that the profession were clamorous for him to reveal his secret, but, like the true-born charlatan of our own time, he knew too well the merited neglect which both he and his" great discovery" would receive if the thin veil of secrecy was removed. The physician should be the first citizen of his commune, peer in education and culture with its highest classes, and leader in and this without abating one jot his professional character or neglecting any whit his professional duties.

In two such cases at the New York Infant Asylum diphtheritic deposits were also present. Of course, among these surgeons there could be no cohesion or effective co-operation, and.

The gauze dressing for each case is wrapped separately in a piece of paper, and sterilised therein in the autoclave; it is only removed from the paper wrapping when it is on the point of being applied; the same is done with the cotton wool of the dressing providers and with each single towel used.

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