By treating similar sections with a solution of the potassium ferrocyanid, dark blue precipitates of iron ferrocyanid (Prussian blue) were found. The operation has the following advantages: It restores and increases the length of the vagina instead of shortening the posterior wall of the vagina cystocele may not recjuire additional operation. A child cides, but unless you lower that temperature, your removing the germs will not relieve the child. I may at once disclaim any intention of giving you a history of surgery. The question of the utility of the method in practice must therefore still remain an open one. The dyspnea which followed was so pronounced that he was unable to go aloft without resting to get his breath. The abdomen had been packed open, but not until a ligature was placed about the appendix for closure did he get relief, which was prompt.

He determined the freezingpoint of normal urines and found it to be between freezing-point of blood in normal individuals and found are two factors at work in the kidneys, which tend to equalize each other. But yet if any onedefires to have them, given them, that they may trade for the poor; whatfoever any one that is defirous of knowing thofe (ecrets fliall bargain with them for, he will not be repulfed but obtain his defjre, and purchafe from them the (ecret; the which procefs I will neverthelefs defcribe, omitting the naming of the matters.

A second urethritis of si.x montiis" duration.

WHEN you will diftill your Spirits, you muft put thereinto fo many Pots filled with your prepared Salts as your Inftrument can hold, then clofe the Door well, and put Fire in the Furnace.

The difficulty of an early, and even a correct diagnosis of internal cancer was extieme. In this way the Eatient is ready for operation in a few minutes. It is usually unrecognized, in milder forms passing as ringworm or some form of dhobie itch; in severer forms as tuberculosis or syphilis. It could not be displaced towards the region of the kidney. In her contact with the parents and homes; persuading the parents to do what they should for their children and giving instructions as to their care and to the general hygiene of the home, she is doing something which should be of great benefit in the future.

Not knowing bow long I might enjoy so favorable an opportunity uf prosecuting my cxperi mentij, I was assiduous to determine, in Uie sliurtet possible time, the qualities of most of tlie substance I have mentioned; consequently, I treated many o them superficially, not occupying myself long with any particular medicine. Then pour I in the water, and fufler the Gold, Silver and Copper to be diiTolvcd; then (after this) do I precipitate the Gold, then the Silver, then the Copper; all which operations, from the beginning to the end, are done in three or four hours fpace, nor requires it any expencc fave only the water, and a little fire, to keep the water warm, that it may the more ftrongly work upon and difiblve the Silver; the Metals thus feparated from each other and edulcorated, may be melted t and now from thence may any one fee, how much any one that would ufe this way of mine, of feparation, he would doubtlefsly get much gain and riches, neither could any one endammage him by way of prevention, and he would get himfelf an exceeding profit wherefoever he be, not only out of guilt Silver.buc but it hath aSilverfmith, who buys up the old Silver, and feparates it his own Way, which is very laborious and coftly, and therefore he would the willinglier give his Silver to another to feparate, whereby himfelf might be fpared the labour and coft, were there but any one that would offer him his help thereabouts. Things incredible and almoft Divine may be etfected by fiich a Fire. This done, rake out the glafs and let it cool, and pour on upon the Juice after its refrigeration the fame volatile Spirit oi Aiars which you feparated from the matter by diflillation; which Spirit will diffolve that thick Juice, which being ing dilTolvcd will become a Balfam of a ftrong Odour, a pcnctnting Efficacy, and a red Colour like blond; which ( by reafon of its penetrative Effica cy ) is to be kept well fhut, and may be accompted fcorroborare and ftrengthen all the internal Veflels and Members, and prclerves them fafe from all corruptions. He supports this view by citing numerous instances of epidemics occurring in certain portions of a settlement and not in others; and emphasizes the fact that the habits, diet, and general characteristics of the people are the same throughout the entire community.

In passing, it may be remarked that the plea of self-interest has never been very of the native nobility of the science; possibly, also, fever arises from the resorption of decomposing animal organic matter through lesions in the genital tract, and that the materies feccans is invariably introduced from without, throws tremendous responsibility upon physician and nurse. Truly other Herbs of far greater Virtues, and other odours and tafls, would be brought forth, than the common, which are wont to be produced by the Dung of Animals, and the fimple Salt of the Earth ( Likewife, that the Secret Fire of the Wife, othcrwife called the Fire of Artephim is the fupreme Secret of Secrets: Together with a Revelation of other admirable Secrets, of which the Authour hitherto hath made no mention to any Man. Vibration by means of the electric vibrator helps to remove the thickenings and is conducive to more rapid absorption, but should not be used about the head in cases of arteriosclerosis. Mitteilungen aus der gyndkologischen Klinik Report of a Case zvith Delivery of a Viable Child. AN UNUSUAL PSYCHONEUROSIS OF WAR: FUNCTIONAL THE following case of the complete loss of the sense of smell as a functional condition has recently been observed in the medical wards of the Granville Canadian Special Hospital, Buxton. Physicians not infrequently have occasion to observe the arrangements and conditions of the upper floors in our first-class private dwellings; for if a servant is sick, the family physician maybe summoned to attend.

Each of us were the other's work.

With one pound of pure Glafs, mix about a dram meltthem together in a ftrong Fire, and you'll find a green Glafs, refembling the Onyx-flojic. Schafer (ibid.) says:"In duodenal fistula hunger has been observed as a marked symptom, even when the stomach was full." Schafer Now, if we assume that Ewald's first case gives the correct clue, then the facts of his second case would offer contrary evidence. The person who later became my patient laid out the body of his friend and complained bitterly of the foulness of the body and linen.

The median incision was closed with silk sutures.