He directed two table-spoonfuls of yeast to be given every three hours, which having been complied with, the boy found almost immediate relief, and recovered very quickly. When this rat died, a healthy rat was placed in the other cage and after some time the dead body of the infected rat was removed, when it was found that the new rat became infected with exposed rats taking the disease. If the patient be freely supplied with water, and enticed to partake of good food, the diabetic symptoms pass off, and the animal will Should debility remain, with cough and irritation, hyoscyamus and tonics are to be administered; and if the case threatens to become chronic, a blister may be applied to the throat and breast, and the iodide of potassium prescribed. Out of iW members of the Thirty-second Company, Philippine Scouts, recruited from Bicol Provinces, blood specimens from whom were sent to us by Dr. They do not penetrate deeply into the muscular tissues, but the stain gradually decreases as the muscle is cut into, and some trace of it may be found to extend perhaps an inch into the thicker muscles. It appears probable that Guiart's parasites may includes the kidney-shaped Chihfera, with rows of cilia twisted from left to right, commonly foimd in hay infusions, of which one species, marshes, was noticed in a brickmaker attacked with dysentery in motions of cases of diarrhoea in man. Attention to the anatomical relations also assists in causing movements by which the muscles, and not the nerves, are stretched, and by which the joint is rotated without the nerves being stretched, at least not the cutaneous nerves, to a considerable degree. The personal prophylaxis of glanders in man depends upon the education and care of those who have to handle horses.

A mycosis due to these parasites is often the media tubes must never be closed with rubber caps When there is not enough oxygen, the Mucoracese lose their characteristics, and give rise to moniha-Hke, or yeast-hke forms.

The general tendency is to range these forms among the Protozoa. - the lids must be everted and the silver solution placed in the conjunctival sac either from a glass rod or a pipette. Such a type is called' fragile myceHum.' To this type belongs, for instance. When the trichinae have been numerous, the membraneous passage of a great number of them have, in the experience of Leuckart, induced in some a fatal peritonitis; and in others, a form of enteritis, with ejection of false membrane. Anterior rotation occurs in a case of right occipito-posterior position when the left extremity of the sincipital lever ascends the left anterior inclined plane of the pelvis. People who pass the bacilli in their fseces during the period of incubation are called precocious intestinal carriers; the patients passing the bacilli during the attack and convalescence are called acitte intestinal carriers; while people who continue to pass the bacilH in their faeces for a year or less than a year after an attack of enteric fever are called temporary or transitory intestinal carriers; and those in whose fasces the bacilli are found after an interval of longer than a year are called chronic intestinal earners. It is well to call attention to the fact that fluorin, in very small traces, is a normal constituent of bone, teeth, milk, eggs, etc. The use of the bladder is to receive the urine, perpetually secreted into it from the kidneys. Low and swampy ground is a breeding place for the malarial mosquito. It did not even reach this side of the Atlantic, if a perusal of the current literature of the year can be relied on. But he said that, as gratifying as this may be, there yet remained With his greeting was mingled the sad duty of bearing to the Society the tidings of death's doings among the membership during the present year, stating that it had Origin and History of Ancient Medicine.

The obligation of the municipality to incur such an expense is derived from the duty to use every reasonable means for the promotion of the health of the people. The genitalia, especially the male, are of importance in classification, and will be mentioned in detail under the heading Culicidae. If a refinement of accuracy is desired mercury is preferable, for even acidulated water will take up some COg. In acute cases, arising from the exanthemata, or from pregnancy, we see quite a proportion of complete recoveries, but some cases go on from bad to worse. Yet the professional relation with him tended almost inevitably to become a personal and friendly one.

There was little or no cough, and when it did exist, it seemed merely to result from, attempts made to swallow. I am sorry to say that I have not kept full records of all my cases of rapid dilatation. The Bacillus tetani is also found in garden mould, and it is possible to explain the non-existence or irarity of the disease in some districts, and its prevalence in others, upon the assumption that the organism common to the soil gains entrance to the animal economy. We know nothing about the physiological effects of our remedies, and when our patients recover or die, we are unable to tell how much of the result was due to our treatment. The supply of water is continuous. These haemorrhages therefore may be petechial or diffuse, and will contain bacilli.

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