Watson, Albion MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE COUNTY OF OSWEGO. Duodeno-choledochotomy, or reaching the duct through the opened duodenum for stones impacted in the duodenal end of the duct, is a useful mollification of the operation.

In fact, as we have already' shown, the cell is the fundamental organic unit of every organism. The heat immediately kills insects the most tenacious of life. Dupoytren, the clinical prool bin dexterity, knowledge, and ingenuity, j less r must have the power of placing I Whoever sees him thus struggle with new in their moat linking light, and not only and unforeseen obstacles, form new indica- must he he thoroughly acquainted with all tions in the moment of utmost danger, and the cases before him, but hia memory moat invent new methods of obviating them, is constantly supply bim with matter iatibly impelled to acknowledge (be su- analogy and experience, with regard to dl periority, not of skill or dexterity, but ot' ooaia, treatment, etc.; and, being fully ( genius. Well, as I said before, transfusion is effected to the extent of U ounces. 'NVhen the sac is bulky and thick, the incision in the tendon must be correspondingly large, and so a further element of weakness in the abdominal wall is produced; indeed, I know of a case in which a secondary hernia formed aftei Kocher's operation, not through the external abdominal ring, but through the ov)ening made by the sur!:eon for the purpose few cases, I came to the conclusion that all the advantages of it could be obtained ia a more simple way and without any incision of the tt'ndon, by passing a suture in such a way that when tightened it wcmld draw up a loop of the twisted sac in the subperitoneal tissue behind the entire thickness of the abdominal muscles, and fix it there. So nn opemtion was immediateiy performed. The physical examination showed that the skin of the hands, feet, and face was dry and tense. An exception to the rule that local rates for fees, in the absence of express agreements fixing other rates or amounts, binds the physician, is found in cases in which physicians or surgeons from a distance are called because of their peculiar fitness to attend or operate upon a patient.

In short he was discharged, after having been about six weeks in the house, reprieved, however, rather than cured.

And in this respect they unfnrtunately resemble a good deal of the so-called research work of tlie present day, wliich floods our journals with a host of crude tlieories and ill-digested facts.

It is necessary, by careful comparison of a considerable number of cases, and also by bestowing careful regard on the relations of symptoms to etiology, to make the picture a carefully shailed one: to put into strong relief that which is most important, and that which is less and less important further and further in the background.

In the month of June last, they were sent down to take the duty of Fort Royal, preparatory to giving up the island of Martinique to the French. The tumour was not very Urge; the lady merely submitted to the operation fpr the by this her condition was rendered worse than it was before. Sometimes a non-pitting swelling is There are but four varieties of oedema of the limbs in thyreo-exophthalmic neurosis: CEdema of cardiac origin, dyscratic oedema, oedema coincident with albuminuria (this being independent of glomerular lesions of the kidneys), and oedema of vasomotor origin. The dangers to be avoided in curettage of the uterus arc: Sepsis, hemorrhage, perforation of the uterus, inllammation of uterus or aduexa, peritonitis, unintentional between size of the child and the perineal outlet; rapid labor; edema of the vulva; unfavorable head presentations (especially occipito posterior); large shoulders; poor perineal tissue. Each plan varies so it is necessary to read the plan to determine when the distribution will comi mence. The great question however is, were these people, whose ulcers were healed under this treatment, more liable to secondary symptoms than if they had been treated by mercury? According to the opinions commonly entertained, there ought observed to follow. The inguinal glands were extirpated, with the removal of all diseased tissue. In other instances, after attaining a certain size, the production goes into other changes; it produces ulceration, the formation of sloughing, and so forth. These courses are held by the chiefs of the local hospitals and institutes who present there the best material available: linkedin. He had shown that in the tlierefore undoubtedly chietly due to intxnilation froin the external meatus, and this laboratory research confirmed clinical observation and was a guide to treatment.

John Watson," is, as its title imports, quite'a Summary View;' such a one as might interest and inform the general reader, but wanting a specification of those distinctive traits which would fix the attention of the professional one. Drained cases are always safest and least painful. McVail's conclusions may prove too sweeping for many earnest reformers, but none can question their importance or the value of the investigation he has made.

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