The horses were immunized with the coccus recently found by several observers in the central nervous system in epidemic polifunv ditis, and consequently the question of the e.xact relation of this coccus to poliomyelitis is serum used has protective;iii(l LiimtiM' powers with respect to tlw experimentnl poliomyelitis of the monkey fresh or glycerinatcd nervous tissue from human beings that have died with this disease, or from monkeys experimentally infected.

Six weeks after the operation the wound was completely healed, the ends of the wire projecting through the scar. The report states that" the great novelty of the apparatus consists in the utilizing of heat which all others waste, and the liquefaction of ammonia by expansion. Urinary stasis Renal ealeuli may he single or muUipTe; smalt or large; unilateral or bilateral, located in the cortex, the pelvis or a calyx; or they may be brandling', completely filling the (avity of the kidney. The large mass of pigment cells described in the foregoing may be considered as a distinct tumor mass. These few arc digitalis, strophanthus, squills, apocynum. Lurka made the addreia of acceptance in behalf of the city. The fact that this syndrome develops after a number of infectious and toxic states known to give rise essentially to lesions in the peripheral nerves, and that it likewise follows local infectious processes about the orbit and nasal fossa, appears to degenerative changes invoiviag ctther tke ciliatry ganglia or S) liolokai Lfprr Scttlcinrni.

Trasentine-Phenobarbital adds central nervous system sedation to the spasmolytic action of Trasentine.

The Elimination of Mercury by the Menstrual Blood in the Course of We are well aware that mercury is eliminated by the urine, the perspiration, the linkedin feces, milk and saliva. The conjunctiva contained many large follicles and the eyes itched. It was this action which precipitated the"Kansas con flict" and made of this territory for several years the battle ground between the contending forces of slavery and antislavery. Other Causes of Occlusive Disease Aortic arch disease may produce signs and symptoms related to the carotid and vertebrobasilar arterial systems, including ocular, cerebral, and brainstem signs: login. As soon as he saw it he pronounced it the Elaps russelli, adding that it was the most deadly snake on the continent. However, considerable variation in time was necessary, depending on the weather conditions; for example, oiling was repeated several times at intervals of five or six days when the weather was excessively hot, dry and windy, and during cooler weather two weeks might elapse between oilings. Washing whether owing to poor heating facilities or to excess of dust, poor light, poisonous gases, etc., are improved by me ch a ni c a l means.

The advances of the allied line and the difficult medical conditions showed that forward screening was necessary for the proper care of the cases. This formed a notable contrast to the mail delay of three and four weeks in delivery of necessary glasses to soldiers at our own front. The medical olfieer b eommand snonla be impressed with the.strategic importance of the prophylactic station for education, appeal, and the aecurins of social facts of vital importance in the In cities, where there are no adeqoate civil dispensaries to be used and through which soldiers in considerable numbers pass, cither while on leavt; or in itavcl, there should be provided in accessible locations regimental infirmaries. Loyola University, New Orleans, La. Subject of allergy in its relation to ophthalmology. Generally the unfavorable prognosis has been speedily confirmed; on the other hand, we have had the satisfaction of seeing a few cases which are apparently well two and three years after operation, but which were considered unfavorable even at the close of the operation.

The important question of the influence of pre-existent disease in predisposing to infection has been brought nearer to a solution by recent studies of immunity. A flexible blocktin bougie having been left in the cervical canal and the vagina plugged, the ether was removed, and in half an hour thirty grains of the potassium administered, being repeated twice at intervals of forty-five minutes.

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