How, for instance, are the tests to be apjjlied to the matter raised by the Bishop of Loudon in the Times on behalf of the London Council for the Promotion of Public Morality? So far as the first test affects the matter at all, the existence of brothels must tend rather to weaken than to strengthen"the sense of individual responsibility in relation to sexual conduct." Tlie leniency with which brothel keepers are frequently treated is, the bishop says, misplaced, and he instances the case of one brothel keeper drivers for bringing customers to her house, was convicted the case were not so serious it would be laughable." The case is serious, but how is the second test to be applied to it? If, as the bishop assumes, public authorities are right itt instituting proceedings against brothel keepers, how can STUDY OF TUBERCULOSIS IN AMERICA. Keep the penis suspended tightly up against be replaced in the sheath cut down the prepuce a little.

He duty when ho received the wounds of which he died. Tho President of the Society, Mr. More or less, his legs swell, the swellings are sore under palpation, and he generally loses his appetite. Our Government can in no way better promote the interests of the people than by diffusing knowledge on these points.

A wasted child six months old, nursed by its mother, had diarrhoea, with slimy, cent, of fat. Following the operation, keep the animal's head up for a time and feed him on milk and water. The damage dono by oxygon want depends partly on the degree of oxygen to emphasize, as its impoilance is seldom realized. Such an eye is always damaged in vision, disfigured, and place; it is also liable, even if the perforation be a small one.

The meat remnant, on the other hand, contains the real nutriment of the meat pounded in a mortar, and duly flavored with salt and other condiments, it constitutes not only a highly nourishing and agreeable, but also an exceedingly digestible of cold-made meat infusions. The food should consist of milk and malt, or meat-broth with biscuit-powder in it. The right border of the presented, more particularly in its lower portion, sujierficial vilcerative inai'gin similar to that in the this irregular border consisted of one continuous the normal skin. Very occasionally no reaction of any kind follows the puncture.

"I defy," he says," any one to point out the sample of a female who has suffered under any durable lesion, etc., who has been attended by me." He objects also to the primary operation as worse than useless.

We await with much interest your reply to this letter, for the success of our next meeting and the future of the Association is in your hands. Our improvised army was modeled on that of England, and English medical methods necessarily influenced the elaboration of our own. The left wrist was firmly ankylosed, and the spine in its entire length was motionless ankylosis of all the vertebrae having taken place. In October following, the right knee-joint with lower third of femur was exsected, as well as the lower third of right The amount of reparation taking place in six months In this portion of the vertebral column the absorption of the bodies of the fifth, sixth, and seventh cervical, and first and second dorsal vertebrae is very marked. The slight pain resultant is of shorter duration though a little sharper than that of chromic acid or the galvano-cautery. The ingestion of a considerable amount of water is to be recommended, and a glass taken on an empty stomach in the morning is particularly effective. A posterior splint and ice-cap were employed for two or three days, and then the limb was immobilized for a week with a plaster-of-Paris splbt.

Known as eczematous or scrofidous, may become developed (see section of this article relating to Vascular Keratitis). Any alteration or disturbance of the circulation in the bowels produces violent pain the same as congestion in pleurisy causes pain. Over-active absorption of the fluids of the chyle may act in the same way: this occurs in febrile states, and when the perspiration is abundant.

A koumys having a flavor and digestibility suited to the Iiatient may usually be secured by attention to these details. Ether is here much preferable to chloroform as an ana'sthetic.

In that time the establishment became the largest and best equipped in the city, and as such it was finally merged with the United States Baking Company, with Mr.

Trephine over the left motor area. Clinical Report of Two Cases of Raynaud's Disease, Frederick P.

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