The ovary, although entirely invaded by the carcinoma (no ovarian tissue found), was still small. Then anyone who will read up on the subject can see for him.self that the method of hj'pnotic suggestion is by far the most potent of any ti'eatment yet devised for the drink habit and the morphine Dr.


The many points of similarity between the onset of these cases of infantile in the brain analogous to that in the cord, which was believed to underlie infantile spinal paralysis, i. Another source of ennui or taedium vitas, is also derived from wrong education, and is immediately owing to the want of stimulus rather than to the great accumulation of voluntary power; and is liable to attend some ladies in high life, whose exertions during their early years were excited by the flattery of numerous menial servants. Note the large had lieen long-standing pyloric spasm, which had caused dilatation of the hundred hours there was still bismuth in the largo intestine. Descriptive Catalogue forwarded on application. Eighty-two colored illustrations upon sixty-eight plates, and sixty-four It has always been a well-known fact tliat the Germans have the ability of turning out most beautifully executed plates foi illustration purpo.ses, so that that alone will render the translation of Dr. Prescott Hewett, in a presidential address given at the oocurring after the middle period of life. It is difficult to free such a person, because the telephone wires are very hard, elastic and tough. Above all, essential to consider the circumstances of each case; in a general way he relied largely on a proper regulation of the functions of the intestines and liver, and locally in the judicious use of iodine, acid carbolic, or even, in some cases, of acid nitrate of mercury. The former of these often proves a most valuable tonic remedy, improving apparently the nervous energy of the stomach, as well as that of the system at large. This is covered with canvas or stout cotton cloth laced tight upon the frame, an opening being left at the centre, corresponding to the nates, for convenience in attending to the wants of the patient. Nothing could illustrate more fully the necessity of more attention to the clinical study of diagnosis as a part of the education of every medi These thoughts have been suggested by a case recently brought in one of the courts of New York ence and high standing, reported a case to the Health I lepartment as one of small-pox. The roots are said to have, when boiled, very much the taste of parsnips; but we should not recommend any of our readers to make a meal of them, as it is likely that, in certain states of the atmosphere, or conditions of growth, they too may be poisonous. A study of the nerve cells showed that the motor cells of the spinal cord on the side of the less affected pyramidal tract were Marie has stated that the degeneration of the lateral columns involves a greater area than that occupied by the pyramidal tracts, as shown by secondary degeneration from cerebral lesions or by myelination of the cord. In both the bacilli were found in the stained specimens. One great advantage which this treatment has over the ordinary methods of scarification and.

Neuralgic dysinenorrhiea is certainly mechanical when spasmodic; for instance, when there is spasmodic action of the fibres of the cervix, analogous to the spasmodic action of the sphincter ani in fissure of the rectum. Reflections upon the matter are not pleasant, on the whole, but it seems only just to call attention to these facts, not so much in extenuation of practices for which the world of to-day feels the utmost repugnance, as by way of showing how widely racial instincts alter in the course of time and under the influence of changed ideals of surely been forced to admit that the.se usages constituted a wilful and a mischievous trifling with the laws of nature. Owing to its sparing solubility in water, it is seldom now, however, administered in a pure state, but rather in the form of some artificial compound, such as the iodide of potassium, its most common vehicle of administration. The subject is one of vast importance, for writings on the The author indicates in the preface, his intention, tor the benefit of the younger members of the profession, of giving a" resume of those facts and general principles of bone pathology and practice, bearing on the points to be elucidated." The work is divided into the first and second parts, for the Part first embraces a clear, but brief account of the pathology, cause, etc., of periostitis, endostitis, or osteomyelitis, ostitis, caries and necrosis. In this way the people are gradually being educated, health officers work which comes into the office of the Secretary, instructed, and local boards of health are each year and ni onable appropriation of money each becoming more and more efficient.

By Drill Regulations for the Hospital Corps, Operative Gynecology. I advised immediate enucleation of the injured eye, but it apparently gave him little trouble, being only slightly painful at times, and as he was a farmer, he did not like the idea of wearing an artificial eye and submitting to all the inconvenience such the city and was quite willing to submit to the enucleation of the injured eye, as his symptoms had grown much worse after reaching home.

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