Placing the hands on the lower abdomen, keeping up an even pressure on the pelvic.viscera, to avoid jarring them.


In her family history there is no trace of tuberculosis or )nalignant disease. The fluid removed lymph, and a few blood corpuscles.

I regret to say that we are not any of us putting into this matter the intelligent thought that we ought to put into it. Some cases of excision of the cyst are very simple, the tumor shelling out with comparative ease; while others are so difficult as to force the boldest operators to abandon the operation. A teaspoonful of this solution added to a two-gallon pail of water, and well stirred up, will destroy all typhoid and other dysentry-producing bacilli in ten minutes, and make the water safe to drink.

In these the portion of the cell body surrounding the nucleus remains unstained or becomes slightly tinted with blue.

The morbid changes there observed, together with the unmistakeable symptoms of cerebral mischief, left us in no doubt that we had to deal with a meningeal affection arising out of the ear disease; the latter having probably caused caries of the The prognosis was decidedly unfavourable, yet not without a hope that the treatment, which had for its object the arrestment of the morbid process, might for a time at least avert the issue which the grave character of the symptoms caused us to fear. In such old animals the superficial lymphatic glands may be enlarged to such a degree as to interfere with locomotion, while the deeper seated glands and those of the body cavities are similarly affected. C:ook, in closing the discussion, says that the society should congratulate itself, as we were the first in the Southwest to use this serum.

The local lesions are attributed to trophic changes, due to a neuritis of tlie nerve supplying the involved parts. The tumor of the testicle developed very chest and breaking his sternum and coming out near the spine. From this we must derive the lesson that inference and conclusion as to the fundamental principles of heredity and development are not safely to be founded upon observations, no matter how intelligent, made upon highly organized animals. Barry surely did not intend us to believe that this was the case, for the Ecclesall Bierlow Union Workhouse Hospital These percentages are seriously set forth to show the alarming difference in fatality between one or two and three or more marks, Dr. In the abstract, all philosophers can promulgate generaHzations, fairly acceptable to ordinary intelligence. During the Franco - German war of triumphantly reproduced the statistic with great effect in the House of Commons, in a speech which is reputed to have influenced more votes than any speech ever made in Parliament. The disease has solutions by a single instillation has some value in confirming the presence of tuberculosis in the early stages. In this way a very thorough supervision of Besides these, a large number of out patients were admitted whose wounds were attended to, and then they went home; coming at intervals for treatment. He went so far abroad in his early days as to edit a series of five octavo volumes, entitled" Select Speeches, Forensic and Parliamentary," and persons were found to read them. With him the American became a great favorite, and Cullen saw there an opportunity to extend his influence in the New World. Was a still greater range, that is to say, the erysipelas appeared at intervals of six hours, sixteen hours, five days, and nineteen days in four cases where it was almost" a certainty that the infection of the erysipelas six children attacked in whom"it can hardly be doubted that the abnormal results were due to the quality of the more than two weeks. He had not found rectal examination at the onset of the disease of any value, and condemned the use of the exploringneedle at the beginning of the disease, while it might be occa' sionally permissible at a late stage. After that he practised in Virginia until the outbreak of the Revolution, when he went with Washington to the field. Case was complicated with slight sore throat; desquamation rapid." (Surgeon Boulger here gives details of the case, which appeared to be of the hemorrhagic variety.) little less than the average fatality of small-pox during the last century in England, and over two and a half times that of unvaccinated Leicester in the recent A statement which is always quoted as indisputable evidence of the special protective power of re-vaccination, is the alleged immunity of small-pox hospital If re-vaccinated nurses do not take small-pox, as affirmed, abundant evidence has been adduced to show that this is not the case with re-vaccinated soldiers; and hence it is clear that the nurses' immunity (such as it is) is rather a function of being nurses than of being re - vaccinated.

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