Converse experiments with low temperatures showed that the characteristic cyst-forms, of cholera stools were not produced upon materials that were kept that if the fungus be indeed the contagious material of cholera, cholera cannot maintain itself permanently in our latitudes.

Nor can it be justly expected of physicians to furnish certificates of inability to serve on juries, to perform militia duty, or to testify to the state of health of persons wishing to insare their lives, obtain peDsiooi or the like, without pecuniary acknowledgment. Amaurosis often comes on in a slow and very insidious manner in persons of enfeebled constitution: the organ suffers from habitual excessive exertion, at the same time that the constitution is depressed by residence in confined dwelhngs, bad air, by sedentary occupations, unwholesome diet, costiveness, and other hurtful influences. Whether we consider light as an undulation of a thin all-pervading ether, or of ordinary matter, the conclusion is the same, that it is a peculiar kind of motion or mode of force, and as such bears a definite relation to the other modes of force.

Some faint idea of the incalculable value of vaccination may be obtained from the fact that, before deaths were caused by this disease, which, with the present record of mortality of London, would give us the enormous number of the boast of Jenner than that of the celebrated architect who exclaimed, in looking at the towering walls of the great cathedral: monument is the WHOLE WOELD, wherever disease has existed and science triumphed.

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Tested, vision is found to be nil. It on the breast and extremities, and seems to consist of the enlarged papillag of the centre of getty the patch. Being soluble, and very cheap, ratelyf or in combination with other deodorizing materials.

Guaiacol enema or suppositories may be advantageously employed: For two suppositories, to be applied within twenty-four hours. The bibliography of each chapter has been omitted, but the other features are retained.

Such an interpretation of this observation is discredited by the investigations of more recent experimenters. Life, although not directly in danger, is probably shortened, as it is very rare to find an old person with any one of these Dr. Marion Sims, the Cross of the Legion of Honour, in acknowledgment of the meritorious services rendered to the great cause of Obstetrical Surgery. It is to be hoped also that when that time arrives sufficient public funds will be placed at the disposal of the Board of Health to enable it to carry on its laboratories without the necessity of selling any of its most highly concentrated product that has ever been offered to the medical profession, the realization of hopes in the direction referred to seems already at occurring in this city at which he may be present to poor women for the purpose of correcting some malposition in obstetrics, for which they receive no remuneration whatever, and yet they are obliged to be at the expenseand trouble of reporting such births are required to report all cases of infectious, contagious, or pestilential disease within twenty- four hours after the nature of the disease is ascertained or suspected. The site of the injection does not matter, provided it corresponds to the situation of the ulcer. Children bear both of these drugs very well. As well might we talk of altering the lachrymal, salivary, or any any other secretions from a healthy gland and system, which it wiU infallibly increase, if carefully and properly applied. To heal the original sore and obtain a cicatrix is but the beginning of the It is partly to this unscientific division of the wide field of medical practice that the phases of opinion regarding the pathology of saw the primary sore or inoculation, and only by chance he might sore; and when he now sees the victim of secondary and tertiary syphilis, the case is often extremely complicated. Another is that all varieties which turn black on being sprinkled with salt are poisonous, and those which do not are wholesome. Of thirty-two cases narrated, it had no mischievous effect on any; no effect whatever on eighteen; improved six, and cured Pneumatic medicine, which about thirty years ago was in the highest popularity, does not appear, when candidly examined, to have been more successful. In the last a change of the habit of the body, as the author expresses it, is believed to be of the most importance. Rouleaux are abundant, and there are only moderate differences in size and form of the corpuscles. " The general duration of the disease is directly proportionate to the duration of the prodromata;" and the more quickly the convulsive cough makes its appearance, the more quickly does the disease subside Many accidents may arise to complicate the symptoms of whooping-cough, and to increase the danger, as inflammation of some of the tissues of the lungs, of the mucous membrane, of the stomach or intestines, or of the serous membranes of the brain (images). In this country, too, results have not warranted the he denies the whole, and contends that mercury might travel, and perhaps would travel for ever in some other direction, were it not for the friendly interposition of the ammoniacal salts of the blood, which he fancies to have a close affinity with mercury, as he supposes they have also with the salivary glands; in consequence of which, they take the mercury by the hand, and solving the difficulty like divinity in the catastrophe of a drama. So as not to produce too great a shock, I begin by directing a gentle stream towards the feet, then rapidly upwards as far as the hips; then I apply the spray uniformly all over the body, and direct also a small jet with little more force over the apices. Should be moved more over the colon and rectum than in diarrhoea.

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