But it is easy to see how the work of the teacher is hindered, when pupils, however well they may be trained in school, are subjected continually to the malign influences of evil home surroundings.


It is intensely practical in its details.

Ajoutons pour terminer que la monopiegie tend k disparattre; que cet homme, qui ne pouvait pas se tenir debout k son entree dans le service, marche malieolaire, marque surtout au pied gauche. The naso-occipital are likewise increases at about the same general rate as the great circumference.

The Complications of Diphtheria, although not so numerous as those which occur in scarlet fever, are both troublesome and dangerous.

Jesse Jones describes the following as a case of complete harmony for these two: as perfect a specimen as I ever saw. A lack of beauty in any part of the body indicates a lack of health in that member. There was no evidence to support Marchi's statement that degenerated fibres from this peduncle passtd to the cranial nerve roots thiough the po.--terior longitudinal bundles, and to the ai icro lateral columns of the cord by way of the fillet.

There may be other neuralgias or actual neuritis; usually the nerves above the waist are chiefly or alone afifected; these cases commonly have more indolacetic acid than indican in the urine.

One day, in merely attempting to pull off his boot, he snapped his thighbone, so weakened was it by the disease. The antiscorbutic element (vitamin) present in mother's milk is not synthesized in her own body, but has to be ingested with her food. The conjunctiva, especially of the upper lid, is the seat of active and typical trachomatous changes. Could the youth look into my desolation, and be made to understand what a dreary thing it is when a man shall feel himself going down a precipice with open eyes and passive yet to feel it all the way emanating from himself; to perceive all goodness emptied out of him, and yet not be able to forget a time when it was otherwise; to bear about with him the spectacle of his own self -ruin; could he feel the body of death out of which I cry hourly with feebler and feebler outcry to be delivered." There is a terrible truthfulness in this description of the depths of long-indulged evil habit. The arteries of the left hemisphere appeared unremarkable.

The proper answer to it would be none, were it not that certain of his allegations, if left uncontradicted, might be accepted as facts by those not familiar with the circumstances.

If she finds anything suspicious, she will call one of several surgeons on call for the center analysed for the presence or absence of antibodies to breast cancer antigen. Incontinence of urine as a result of perineal prostatectomy should never follow; this depended on making a proper, clean cut through the membranous urethra with division and not ablation of the libers of the urethral sphincter, and of conservation of the bladder sphincter. Those in which such lesions are wanting. Further, that the thrombosis was part of a On opening the abdomen after dealing general gonorrheal septicemia, with many adhesions, the tumor was recog- Significance of Pain and Tenderness In nized as pushing forward the stomach, and Cases of Inflammation of tJie Appendix. Under penalty of being suspected of willingness to"darken counsel by words without wisdom" alienists and other medical experts should avoid ambiguous and unscientitic terms of this character and should discourage, both in publications and discussions, the use of the term"brain sionn." The Abstraction of Calcium Salts from the Mother by the Fetus the Cause of Fatty Infiltration of the former articles attempts to prove in a case of scarcity of the calcium salts in the mother's blood during pregnancy the fetus may so drain it of these salts that her tissues suffer. There are desquamation of the epithelial cells lining the bronchi, emigration of leucocytes and diapedesis of red cells. The fetal parts could be felt quite plainly, this being the woman's twelfth pregnancy.

The author adduces other evidence presumably in favor of the theory, and while confessing that this is for the most part only probable or presumptive, explains how positive evidence might be obtained by experiment. Problems of the kidney, ureter, and bladder made urinary tract infection, hematuria, and obstructive uropathy and nephropathy. But it will not do to stop here.

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