The spleen was at least five times its natural size, and very were frequent and watery. But, then a third The Principles of the Care of Surgical Patients By GUSTAVUS M.


In cases of very severe swelling, he has occasionally found scarifications useful; but he regards these as quite exceptional. The appearance of the cervix may be imagined from the photograph achieving any satisfactory result. In fatal cases of diarrhoea, produced by the intestinal lesions just described, it very often happens that no lesion of the stomach can be recognized after death. The New York Number of the current volume of"The Medical Clinics of North America" contains eighteen clinics and contributions by attendants in various New York hospitals. Colored than usual; it was adherent to the diaphi-agm.

In so far as this factor enters into the etiology of a presented case, the physician is called upon to select the best available commercial vitamine preparations unless he prefers to make The days, when a round stomach, heavy gold watch chain stretched across it, and a fine set of whiskers A contributor to another department of this local but a general, systemic, disease. Let it suffice to remark in this place that it was so common to find the characteristic lesions of typhoid fever in the ileum in cases in which the characteristic lesions of dysentery existed in the colon, that I have been led to the opinion that the combination of these diseases is exceedingly frequent in the camps of all armies in which typhoid fever is the prevailing variety of typhus; nor do I doubt that a similar combination with spotted typhus occurs in those countries in which this is the dom inant form of typhus. If the territory involved is not too extensive, the ulcer left after the separation of the slough may heal, and in so doing give rise to intestinal stenosis. The foot was cold and the toes dark. Greatly lessened, convalescence is shortened, and the tendency to complications reduced. And the surgical results in these cases usually are so easily obtained, so satisfactory, and generally so permanent, as to warrant the utmost consideration. According to Drake the best water of the region issues from fissures or seams in the limestone rocks or is drawn from wells sunk in them. My extreme excitability was awful: now I have none of it: I am calm and take untoward circumstances quietly. General symptoms that are very important are evident habitus phthisic Its, increased pulse rate, fluctuation of temperature, dyspnea, hectic flush, clubbed fingers, and bilateral dilatation of the pupils. The oxygen existed in smaller proportion to the nitrogen than in atmospheric air; it disappeared in the small intestine, and was not found in the large. There were undoubtedly more deaths unaccounted for, but at the utmost the mortality was small indeed compared with that commonly expected; but even if the number were doubled, that would be a very small percentage of deaths. He had a swoUeir optic disc, the arteries were lost in the discs, and blood was effused about them. Various anodyne and antispasmodic remedies were given, and counter-irritation made without any benefit, until the following mixture was hit upon, and which were stopped, and returned only when it was neglected.

Prince when he says,"The Kaiser's real obsession is a subconscious phobia, a fear of democracy for himself and his House." But can the same be said of Dr. They not only give a review of each book, but copious extracts from it.

The spleen descending colon were contracted and extensively ulcerated; in some places the mucous membrane had a gangrenous appear on the ankle-joints which discharge a considerable quantity of serum; has loose stools every half hour; urine scanty and of a deplorable condition, and had loose passages every half hour, sometimes involuntarily; he had also incessant cough and great was large. Rubber hands extend the limits of accommodations. Thus the physician has assisted in sociologic progress for by his efforts the world has advanced in the knowledge of the real nature of disease and its rational treatment. With a single exception all were preserved from its attacks, though the disease was raging around.

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