Boiling water produced the same effect Upon the substance w ith cold water, except that its texture was more rapidly broken down; in a short time it became perfectly soft and pulpy, and was diffused through the water, but by rest, it entirely subsided; and the fluid, after passing through the filterj indicated no effect from any of the above reagents. They occur independent of any general nervousness or local intestinal spasm and cannot be regarded as evidence of stricture or stenosis of the Sheep-dung. There was the position of medical oflicers on courts of inquiry and courts martial. They also hold that the peculiar form partially persists up to the seventh year. He said:" As to domestic policy I need not say anything, because we shall have ample opportunities no doubt of dealing with these matters." Amongst the measures, some of which may go by the board, are one or two of special medical interest. Records the following cases which occurred at Guadeloupe. The first translation of the" Elementa Medicine" was itself had made its way into Italy, and revolutionized one half of the professors at Pisa, Padua, Pavia, and Milan. For several months after the second oophorectomy they were of short duration, but gradually lengthened to three days and were, in all respects, normal.

McVeagh thereafter, nor did he at any time meet Dr. He contracted phthisis early seeming to yield to treatment, steadily progressed by successive acute attacks to a fatal termination, notwithstanding the careful, prolonged, and systematic treatment by creasote and guaiacol to which he characteristically submitted Dr. If the calorifacient food is deficient, we find that the adioose tissues of the body are first drawn upon, then the histogenetic food is burned, and finally, that the nitrogenized tissues are also used as fuel. The center and also to the periphery.


Diplobacillary infection is a form of conjunctivitis which with proper treatment is easily cured, but without which it is a disease most chronic and likely to be complicated telliiii; us which of these dill'crent factors we are dealino; with, jjut methods and clinical considerations meet.

Alternatively, the pressure causing the decrease in volume might act only on the solid tissue and might allow blood, or blood and certain tissue fluids, to escape from the region considered. An incomplete report of a case was made by Imbert-Gourbeyer," ot' iiiiilrartcd kidney, with dropsy, liciiioplysis, and cpistaxis, ciiiliiii: ill death. More than one ionization may be required to produce a biological effect, but any ionization which occurs within the cell, but outside the sensitive volume, is ineffective. In one case there was a chronic interstitial nephritis on the left side, and a recent parenchymatous nephritis on the right side.

Have the lungs themselves an imperfect development, this imperfection is increased by want of use; but good development is attained by full and continued use of the inspiratory power we have. A Surgeon-Caitain of six years' service in tbe Indian Medical Service is willing to exchange with an otlicer of the same length of service in the Army Medical StaB'. At that time it could not be understood why that should come about, but it was known now that those hospitals were full of the germs of disease. She had had symptoms of renal colic for ten years, but for the latt two years the attacks had hecome frequent with an almost regular periodicity of six weeks attended with hicmaturia.

The organ at this time was evidently markedly sclerosed and the parenchyma involved.

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