It is an oft-told story, but one of such exceeding import that every physician should seize opportunities to impress it upon his clientele, that the most destructive to the human family of are borne upon the breezes and wafted from place to place, lodging in the nose of the passer-by, whence they are at times presenting, developing a disease for which the hand of science, progressive as it is, has not, then, a commendable habit that the German bacteriologists are teaching their being boiled in the wash, kills all the germs? The boards of health of New York, Philadelphia and Boston have been actively aggressive in their warfare upon the spitters, and it is now a misdemeanor to spit upon the floors of the street-cars of those cities, and here in Memphis the street-railway company has requests in the form of cards bearing the inscription,"Please don't spit on the floor," conspicuously posted in its cars; but no effort to suppress this pernicious custom can be effectually carried out without the hearty co-operation of the THE SLAUGHTER OP INNOCENTS-DEATH IN The warm season puts our theories of infant hygiene to the severest test. Is in the form of fine white needles or white powder, and most active cholagogues in use at present. That pyrogallol is credited with very energetic curative prqperties in regard to certain dermatoses, but it also has the effect of irritating the teguments, coloring them black, and also, when absorbed by the skin, of provoking phenomena of intoxication that may become formidable. Both the posterior and anterior aspect of the middle third of the forearm was lacerated and contused; shreds of tendons protruded, and the lips of the wound were puffed up and turned outward. Examination showed a cervix softened and slightly dilated. There in midsummer swayed yellow bells of Lilium Parryi and starry clusters of wild azalea.

Still the founder of the sjrstem. Thus Szymonowicz reports measurements of the pressure in the external jugular vein made during one of his experiments.


Accordingly, it supervenes, at times, on surgical operations, as on blood-letting; but it may, likewise, arise from causes within the economy, which are inexplicable. It is probably in this way, that most of the narcotics and acro-narcotics exert their salutary agency.

The usual passes and manipulations were accordingly practised, in the presence of Dr. In such case, nitrate of silver is, perhaps, the best agent that could be already mentioned, it may be necessary to have recourse to quinia, b. Lallemand, in which a ligature applied to a part of the right brachial plexus induced inflammation and suppuration of the posterior part of the left hemisphere of the brain, and it has been observed as the result of a ligature, which had forcibly compressed the nerves of the arm. Cases in military and general hospitals; if possible, the erection of separate pavilions.

It is of the first importance that pure, country cow's milk be obtained. This Establishment, erected at great expense for the business, combines every possible comfort and facility for Surgico-Artistic The Proprietor will devote his personal attention to the Profession at this House, and construct the"PALMER LIMBS," (under the New Patents,) in unexampled perfection. When the forceps can be applied, and the state of the parts is favourable, they may be had recourse to with published two successful cases of convulsions before the full term of ufero-gestation, in which delivery was induced by the forcible entry of the uterus, perforation of the head and the use of the hook; but the practice is not generally considered advisable. We must know a great deal more about the use of emetine, a great deal more about the manner in which the parasite is transferred from one individual to another, before we can lay down dogmatic rules for treatment and before we shall be able to be perfectly successful PAROXYSMAL CORYZA, AND ITS CURE which, he says, for a long time has baffled all attempts at relief. All of these important facts have been determined by so-called Will those opposed to animal experiments suggest how the facts of ventilation could ever have been established in opposition to the false theories of early times VE learn from Washington that the again called up for consideration, with nothing changed but the number, which to the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia, but as the committees of the Senate are not yet complete, it will not receive immediate attention. The MMA designates this educational activity for a maximum of should claim only those hours of The Cornhusker, Fincoln, NE, June Des Moines Marriott, Des Moines, no charge to physicians insured by MMIC. It has cultivated than any other one thing to widen "review" the boundaries of our knowledge. "'In these cases a few doses generally induced sleep, with marked mitigation of the jpasms. Extensive experiments have been made, as to the effects of revaccination in Germany, where vaccination has been enforced to an extent which is not practicable in freer governments. I am well aware that this is not the view of the vast majority of writers on measles and scarlet fever, and it becomes all reviews the more important that each of us who sees much of these diseases in a systematic way should add his quota of observation to the recognition of the normal course of the temperature curve in these extremely common affections.

This circumstance accounts readily for the injury of the stomach and the indigested food within the thorax, at the post mortem. The general method of examination was exactiy as outlined in the Bulletin of were used in place of"inoculated waters." Twenty-seven tubes of sterile bouillon were prepared, and to each one was added Tubes for"checks" were also prepared, containing sterile bouillon only, or acidified These inoculated tubes were incubated at tube a note was made as to the appearance of the bouillon and the amount of growth.

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