The urine is scant in quantity; the bowels are constipated; the respirations slow, and often stertorous in character. Das Filtrat vom Baryumsulfat wurde auch hier bei iiberschiissigem absoluten Alkohol versetzt. A tepid bath, warm clothing, ana a prolonged daily stay in the open air are measures that should not be neglected. Epithelioma of the upper part of the face, unless it has involved cartilage or bone, is more amenable to treatment than in any other location. On the restless, complaiiing of pain in the head and somewhat over the trunk and thighs. He asks to have his nightgown loose about his neck, to be turned over, etc.

It is recommended that the anesthetic be given in the operating room even if only used tor the correction of the deformity. '"That it is not an infiltration." he says,"will become apparent if we consider the parts it affects. The animal is to be carefully dieted, the food being of little bulk, clear, and absolutely free from dust.

There have also been isolated a ptomain and, some contend, an extract which displays pyogenic properties (Koch's tuberculin). Welch classifies as"good cicatrices" all those a much less degree he classilied" fair," and those as" poor" wliich are so indistinct as to make it difficult to recognize tlieni as vaccine scars. The chief among other antiseptics thus employed are carbolic acid, terehene and terpin hydrate, turpentine, thymol, iodoform, oil of peppermint, and a spray of a solution of sulphurous acid. The structures adjacent to the gradually formed aneurysm exhibit fibroid overgrowth and other kinds of degeneration, these changes being secondary and most probably conservative processes. Here the variations is greater than in the cases without cyanosis.


; if salt disturbances were then noted, the proteid was reduced to one per cent, and not so many years ago, in a discussion on infant feeding, a well known pediatrist insisted on reducing proteids to one half of one per cent., in spite of which dyspeptic symptoms The fallacy of this teaching has been demonstrated by the research work of Finkelstein and Meyer, of Berlin.

She has turned blindly from it, blaming only her husband, the rejected object of her opportunity, for the things which have gone wrong for them both. He classified all cases as varioloid where the patients had been vaccinated. This was aspirated and later the temperature came to normal.

The abscesses are usually situated close to the pleura, and are frequently wedge-shaped; they vary in number from one to several hundred, and in size from a extension of abscess of the lung. As cured, with a well-formed lip. The education and training in the public schools of children of undeveloped mentality, the fact remainthat in most cities but little if any serious attempt is made to grapple with the problem. The energ)- of the stimulus also commonly overflows into regions not usually associated in reflex rctions, thus stimulation of the sole of the foot leads to evacuation of the bladder and often to profuse sweating over an area corresponding to the level of the spinal lesion. Cancer is produced If we concede that a certain number of cases of cancer are the result of gallstones, and if we concede also that removal of gallstones before they have produced cancer will be a means of preventing a certain number of cases of cancer, then we must concede that the mere presence of gallstones is sufficient to warrant operation, for this reason if Now of those cases in which the symptoms are not distinct book and the diagnosis is not clear, I do not wish to be understood as advocating operation in every case of chronic indigestion and dyspepsia, but I do emphatically state that every such case should be cured. The apparatus may also be used in cases of accidental traumatism, as compound fracture; but here it may be less efficacious, when the dead tissues have already been for some time exposed to the air.

Id cases marked by much palpitation, dissiness, and dyspnea, permitted oot of doors, and the increasing appetite should be gratified by ft generous, easily assimilable diet (milk, meat, eggs, fish, purees of green vegetables, stewed fruit, apples, etc.).

The child can sit up, but the neck muscles are weak and the head has a tendency to drop backwards or sideways. And then an entire change of quarantine regulations was initiated. Of the cellular tissue of the floor of the mouth as well as of the anterior portion of the neck. When extreme, it is said to exert a great upward pressure on the diaphragm which in turn compresses the lungs and interferes markedly with the action of the heart.

None of these ptoses seem to depend materially upon uterine ptoses, including prolapse, procidentia, flexions, and versions. In no instance had he known disaster to follow the podcast use of the plate.

The slower the progress of the disease, the better is the prognosis for relief by operation.

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