The oldest of you will remember with what pertinacity the celebrated Dr. The visible mucous membranes may be injected; the teeth fractured; the tongue swollen, dork red, and wounded. The practical conquest of The Great White Plague is in sight, and the thousands of splendid public and private sanatoria in the United States are monuments to the work of this pioneer phy.sician. A mixture of ether and aromatic vinegar is grateful at times. The human being is immune to most bacteria and protozoa because they are destroyed, as soon as they enter the body, by the nonspecific proteolytic ferments probably secreted by the leucocytes, and normally in the blood and tissues. Whipham's patient was nearly cured by it in three weeks, and mine in nine days.

The penis should be immersed every few hours for a period of fifteen minutes. Three cases of a known malignancy reacted positively to a sarcoma proteid; one, a carcinoma of the uterus, One of two cases consulting me more than a year ago for cancer of the breast, gave a positive reaction, the other was negative.

Following this operation there was no improvement; in fact she felt worse, developed a profuse, purulent nasal discharge of intense foul odor, frequent nosebleeds, and at the end of one year following thla Skin and Syphilis with a request for examination and diagnosis of the nose and throat condition. William fully recognised that surgery cannot be learned from books only. Anv factor which impedes the ifscent of the fertilized ovum until these nourish ng cells are utilized makes it necessary for the"vum to imbed itself to obtain nourishment and results in extrauterine pregnancy. There is no further extension of tuberculosis perhaps for years. Performed with difficulty and pain. As to antityphoid vaccine in the army, this had been employed. The patient should rise late and go to bed early, so as to spare the nervous system, and the avoidance of movements and fatigue should be advised in order to limit the loss of urea. A guardedly unfavorable prognosis had been given while treatment with the high frequency electrical current had been begun with very remarkable benefit so that after six applications the bleeding had largely disappeared, the tumor reduced, and the patient returned to work. Among the departures from this course he occasioned mostly by complications or sequelae, as otitis media or externa, diphtheria, pharj-ngitis, glandular and phlegmonous inflammations Concerning the malignity of the affection, Henoch gives a case evidently malignant in which the patient was in a somnolent ordelirious condition from the commencement. The more difficult and rarer cases were often operated upon on days when the public were not expected to be In his relations with the house staff of the hospital he was always absolute master. Giveu to insanity when the patient manifests a propensity to incendiarism.

These arteries divide, or branch, similarly to the bronchi.

Under these circumstances the action of the State of New York in establishing new relations to an important department of medical science, assumes a significance not realized by the man in the street. Pharmacy has its rashions raised against the use of charcoal. The fluid is also sero-purulent or actually purulent. There may be infiltration in and around the large bronchi without thickening at the root and without parenchymal involvement, and there may be a more or less extensive exudative process. Besides, it will not uncommonly be found advantageous to watch patients, and to allow them to adopt, or assist them in adopting, such a position as their own sensations dictate to be the most suitable for their condition. The other should always be Now, what are we to do in this case? We must prevent the disease from getting worse, and by doing this it will get well spontaneously. Seized with fever, attended with great waste of body, and that, too, without any manifest cause, have a difficult and dangerous parturition, or an abortion, followed by alarming fainting supervene, the case is alarming.

Apart from all the obvious reasons for refusing to deal with peddlers, the physician should remember that he may at any time be made the defendant in a suit for damages on account of the serious consequences of the administration of a fraudulent tablet, made by a rascal probably unskilled in pharmacology and unfamiliar with the dangers of the potent agents he handles.

An enlarged spleen extending into the abdomen is superficial in its entire area; its anterior and posterior Iwrders are well-defined; and it can usually be moved between the two be commonly felt. Cent., is mentioned by some as the ordinary mortality; but according to Bamberger, pericarditis associated with rheumatism or any other curable disease invariably terminates favourably, though the mortality is always large when it is associated with Bright's disease and other iacurablo aflFections, the fatal termination of which is hastened by the pericardiac aflfection. It contains a small amount of serous fluid for perfect lubrication. Rarely, however, the speaker said, is the lesion so circumscribed as to be confined exclusively to a single center or to a single case of a girl, now aged five and a half years, who early, but walked late; that the present complaint was one of slime coming from the mouth, of stumbling, and of being miserable.

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