Most commonly they produce mental disease or some other disorder of the nervous system, chiefly hysteria and neurasthenia. But it shows clearly enough the drift of thought among surgeons at this day. These so-called granulations form usually semi-globular prominences, varying in size from a millet-seed to a pea; sometimes they are all of nearly a uniform, and at other times of an unequal size: ultimately they may here and there attain the size of a hazelnut, and are then occasionally of a grape-like form. The effect of this is readily perceived by any one ascending the foothills of the Rockies at the rate at which a railway train travels. In the duct is a calculus old man, aged seventy-two years, who came into the St. In such cases a comparatively slight mechanical force, a contusion of the hepatic region, straining during delivery, etc., may suffice to cause rupture of these parts. If such pigment is produced it is more reasonable to suppose that it arises from the action of some chemical or vital force, and such a force is found acting in the liver. In this condition the cells of the tumors are converted into a detritus consisting almost entirely of pigment granules. The alkaline constitution of the blood and bile depends upon the soda of the salt.

As a constitutional affection it implicates many organs, as has been seen, and is always found in connexion with enfeebled circulation and lowered respiratory powers; it is, therefore, found in advancing age. Wasson has told me a very large amount of this will be inserted and will appear in the Announcement. With this Interprovincial Registration? was a special committee appointed to meet with the committees from the various Provinces. When the intussusception has been formed, the sheath becomes folded upon itself once or twice more, and thus an intussusception of five, or even seven layers, is produced the gut as a sheath. Schneider "" devotes an elaborate chapter to the refutation of this absurd idea. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario who lias up to that date failed to jwiy his dues and take out his annual certificate, a registei'ed letter addressed to the registered address that year his name shall be erased from the register of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and the Registrar shall erase the names from the register of all persons who have annually a balance sheet, setting those forth fully, as well as a statement of.sundries, and the particular accounts to which these belong, and pay out moneys in settlement of all accounts that have been certified correct and signed by the President, Chairman of the Executive any question of the law (properly) submitted to him for ihat purpose.

In the absence of the President and Vice-President the Council shall ajjjjoint a Chairman, provided that at the first meeting of a new Council the Registrar shall call the Council to order, read over the names of the members, and shall call on the Council, after nomination by open vote and not by ballot; that after nomination, when only one candidate is nominated, it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to declare such candidate duly elected, and a majority of the votes of the members present shall be necessary to an election; provided, that in case of a tie, the election shall be decided by the member representing the greatest number of registered practitioners. The posterior part of the mastoid cells was not necrotic. The treatment of a case of this kind should be similar to the treatment of periostitis elsewhere, generally speaking. The bile, which had escaped into the peritoneal cavity, was discharged externally through the vagina.

The hemorrhage must have been largely medullary, and was probably largely limited to what we have defined as the epiconus, which includes the fifth lumbar and first two sacral segments. The black nodes are rich in delicate, newly-formed blood-vessels.

The most striking thing, however, was an extensive oedema of the lungs; such an oedema can be looked upon only as purely of mechanical origin, since except for the inhalation of ether the influence of any toxic material can be eliminated. The Voting Paper herewith enclosed is to be filled up carefully, using ink, and put into enclosed envelope, which is directed to the Returning Officer, and mailed in time to reach Sign your name to Voting Paper, using ink. ' The exterior covering of the body is protected by a very dense compact texture (the epidermis), composed of minute oily scales overlapping each other like the scales on fish, or tiles on a roof, and quite as impervious. Where burns are situated near or in the flexures of joints, whether several fingers or toes are burned, each one should be dressed separately, that the cicatrizing surfaces may not come in contact and permit two or more of the digits to grow fast together; here grafting is often of great In burns and scalds about the genitalia, nates, and portions of the face or ears, the protective and gauze dressing cannot always be well applied or kept in position. ) or two cases the continued use of such an ointment rise to so marked diminution of the ulcer as almost to a cure, and small secondary nodules recurring along llie L excision with a plastic operation have entirely disaprhe treatment is not painful, but chronic irritation is set seems to augment the natural tendency to cicatrization REPORT OF SATURDAY SURGICAL CLINICS FOR STUDENTS, HELD AT GERMAN HOSPITAL Surgeon-m.Chief, German Hospitali Philadelphia, Pa.

Paracentesis of the drumhead when an effusion appears, cold applications over the mastoid, and operative measures to remove the pus from the cells when manifested, should be undertaken as soon as possible. The percussion sounds are usually normal, although there is sometimes a slight dulness over the tumor, especially if it be of large size.

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