CEdema, due to kidney disease, is less readily explained; vascular endothelial changes due to the toxic action of waste products, defective elimination of water by the kidneys, and the occurrence of hydremic plethora, undoubtedly play a large part. Milk diluted with some cereal decoction, like oatmeal, barley, or rice will be better borne than pure milk alone. Special emphasis is placed on maternal is, or should be, available for the individual or the The author has selected and discussed common problems of pediatric practice which are predictable and hence can be met with anticipation. These results are generally the extremes of two conditions, such as an hyper-secretion of the hypophysis, producing giantism and a hyposecretion of the same, producing dwarfism. It was natural that true epithelial tumors should not be frequently met with in the brain, because the cells of the nervous system, although originally derived from the epiblast, had so far lost their resemblance to ordinary epithelium that only those growths starting from the lining epithelium of the central canal would show in neoplasms a structure which was distinctly epithelial.

This resistance is most manifest in the young corpuscles just entering the blood stream.

Nevertheless, he so resented being called before the tribunal that he flew into one of his towering rages, blasted the court and every one concerned with it, got away with it, and was cleared. Bierring served his term as president-elect and as president, the foresight reflected in his utterances indicated he was a man ahead of his time. Only through seeing the hooklets in the cyst formed within the liver from the development of the echinococcus embryos can such a cavity be distinguished from an abscess cavity.

The question may well be asked now, of what is this man made that he is so indestructible in both mind and body? And one does not have to look far to find at least a partial answer. I shall not enter into a discussion of this difficult question, nor shall I attempt to solve any one of the many problems with which such a discussion must confront us at every step; but I simply want to put together, bring more prominently into view, and comment on a few common and several rare skin affections w hich appear in patients suffering from intestinal disturbances, a condition which renders these cases equally interesting to the clinician and to the dermatologist. Then there is a cirrhosis associated with hypertrophy and jaundice, which starts essentially from the system of biliary ducts, and which is due to obstructions and inflammations in these organs. I would further recommend that the authors consider an abridgement of this text for use by the busy practitioner. He also stated to me that he had been treated by several specialists, but without benefit. He states:"After nine years employment of Creasote, in thousands of cases of consumptive patients, I have reached the conclusion that we can cure with creasote sufferers in the initial stages, but also longer seated and severe forms may be completely and permanently cured. When and on week ends, holidays, and vacations I had a job. So far, so good, but this writer makes no reference to the condition of lymphatism which these cases represent and the dangers of chloroform anaesthesia in such.

The author thinks that many of the cases of experimental tuberculous endocarditis in which no bacilli can be found are in reality simple endocarditides, due to toxic influences, and that the same forms occur in tuberculosis in human beings. Should be very glad to have the expression of the society with regard to the whole question of exhibits. Survival from such trials makes one appreciate more the loyalty and support of his friends as well as the importance of opportunity. The symptom leading to medical consultation almost always is due to the cosmetic appearance of the wall of the chest. Any physician has a right either to originate or adopt an exclusive dogma, however irrational or absurd it may be.' profession, however at variance with those generally entertained, and however absurd, may fairly give rise to criticism and ridicule, but they cannot be made occasions for professional discipline. That it was abused there is no doubt; that many were actually killed by it, is equally certain.

Still, their arrangement and the development and further course of the cell-growths afford certain marks by means of which it is possible perhaps to distinguish the syphilitic new growth from every other. The importance of this procedure I consider cannot be more vividly impressed upon medical attendants, nurse, epidemic of typhoid which recently occurred at Ithaca, N. The same injunction applies to short voyages.

Was fond of the Hodge pessary and thought the Mcintosh was useful in some cases. When stuttering precedes the attack, it is the first manifestation of the storm.

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