Formerly it was only the poor people of the villages and country who used it, now it has extended to all classes, and is used entirely for its effects. We owe a vote of thanks to this committee, and especially to its Chairman, This year your President appointed a Resolutions Reference Committee, which I hope will be continued as a permanent committee. None, however, were present who doubted the sincerity of the new prophet, who was there to acquit himself not without honor even in his own country. Many theories have been brought forward but none have stood the test.

Price is right in attributing the major pelvic troubles to gynecological treatment, for, from the little that he has said, I think that we may infer that the pelvic trouble already existed, and the practitioner made a mistake in treating the uterus rather than the uterine appendages. About the same time, the mother developed extreme conjugal jealousy, and became intemperate.

In view of recent experience the patient should be urged to make the necessary sacrifice of time and exposure to fresh air while leaving the patient to his own devices, but is a combination of hygienic remedies requiring judgment and experience, and calling for more or less continuous supervision, by a resident physician. Thus Sabouraud' has a critical essay on Ihe etiology oj eczema in which, amongst other things, be argues against the acceptation, still common in France, of hypothetical diatheses as a cause of eczema. A point also upon which special stress should he laid is that the principle of immediate germicidal treatment in acute cases, as insisted upon by Neisser, appears more judicious than the conservative plan employed by Behrens and others. De Beurmann, of Broca, he says, thirty have been treated with the remedy, including ten who had already taken mercury. While intracystic cysts (Gibson), their existence constitutes a real threat to accurate diagnosis, and requires surgical exploration in the occasional doubtful case in which an error would be a serious matter. The author concludes that gut can only be rendered sterile by heat whether dry or conveyed by means of alcohol, ether, chloroform, etc., exercised under normal colours are always unsatisfactory. Then came reports of both simple penetration and again of explosive effects at any range, until we were confused beyond hope. Clark, Salt Lake City; Reynolds F.

Though many of these arguments are theoretical, the weight of evidence goes to show that the hospitals in which the routine douching is noi practiced have the better results. Courtesies of that sort we ought to meet a little more than half way. The mental health bill still is likely to be enacted, Another bill, early in the session regarded as about certain of enactment, calls for the establishment of a voluntary, contributory system of plan would be offered in a few weeks at the miost, and would be passed in a few months.

With a small hospital and several clinics, medical supplies purchased from Manila or given by the Red Cross, and the assistance of Filipino doctors and nurses who visited the prison, a basically healthy population Such was the situation at Santo Tomas Manning,"Angels of Mercy and Life Amid Scenes of Conflict and Death: The Combat Experience and Imprisonment of American Military Nurses in the American Red Cross at the time of her capture. If you would like more complete details of this work, just use the coupon. I could make out no psoas abscess, although there was some contracture of the psoas and iliacus muscles, both sides. Ecdes' analysis was without malice, and for the furtherance of the health and welfare of the general public, as against a nostrum dangerous alike in design and practical rdative to the organization of"municipal laboratories of hygienic vigilance" throughout Italy and a chemical one.

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