Tizzoni and Cantani have successfully prepared it in a solid form, in which, it is claimed, it can be kept indefinitely and shipped as wanted, and applied to treatment of cases of traumatic tetanus with success. He was an honorary member of the Kanawha Medical Society, the West Virginia State Medical Association and the American Medical Association. Brewer's paper was held over until next meetine. There may be ill-delined feelings of discomfort. He will located in Fort Worth. As the disease progresses, dyspepsia and indigestion replace the previous good and excessive appetite, which less than usual, and it has been found by Pettenkeofer and others that diabetic patients lose the power of storing up oxygen in the body during the night for utilization during the day" The memory is often impaired, the patient becomes irritable, low-spirited, and hypochondriacal. Guttmacher of New York City and Dr.

The fact that these diseases may be carried around with us without the public being any the wiser, makes them in the nature of private diseases, and therefore not to be made public.

Thus in infectious diseases, leucocytosis usually indicates an exudative or a suppurative condition.

The Medical Center has now reached the stage of its development of searching for ways to distinguish itself as an active force within the State.

Still College (in red ink) on one side, with featherbone skirts on the reverse side. It is very apt to lead to empyema. Comes on; fever has subsided, tongue cleaner, but no appetite. In the Medical Record for December ist, After a careful study of these cases he concludes that in the great majority of cases an adequate cause for the gastroptosis is That gastroptosis does not of itself, in an That the displacement of the stomach, however, is a predisposing cause of a variety of gastric neuroses, of sensation, motion, That these neuroses are.usually induced by some definite mental or physical strain. Otherwise if time will permit, let it boil up and cool again, and you may drink of it safely. If any evidence will convince the people or the medical fraternity of the efficacy of this system of healing, the cure of cholera morbus ought to do so. Intestinal Hemorrhage and Fatty Heart.

Whisky every five ceased, but epistaxis persists.

But if the stress has been too great, as during the engagement at Soissons. Each physician using the index as a guide applies his own conversion factor in determining his fee for service.

The person obtaining said certificate shall be entitled to practice medicine or surgery, or both, in the County where the same was obtained, and in ainy other County in this State; but if he shall remove his resi dence to another County he shall exhibit the said certificate to the Clerk of such other County and be registered, which registration shall be made by said Clerk without fee or charge: Provided, that any one having obtained a temporary license, as provided in section three thousand one hundred and twenty-five of the Code, shall not be entitled to register, but may practice during the time such license shall remain in force. The people were determined to live in a purer atmosphere. This condition responded well the care of the maternal grandmother with supervision of the Child Welfare Department. The property delinquencies were considered to he larceny, destruction, setting fires and breaking and entering.

It is never sufficient to send parents or friends away with instructions and hope to leave the case successfully in their hands.

An infiltration of serous fluid into the peritoneal cavity, distending the abdominal walls, displacing viscera, embarrassing respiration, added to the cause producing it. Toutes ces eglises ou chapelles figurent a divers litres, et avec plus ou moins d'importance, dans les documents relatifs a rbistoire de notre ancienne Commune.

The benefit derived which it can be carried out, commend it strongly.

The authorized Red Cross sewing room in Boston. In the treatment of pain, we depend but little upon opium or morphine because we have learned that pain is best controlled by action upon the precise conditions that underlie the pain and that explains the action of those remedies which control each specific pain, which have no influence on other pains. Iiga'iist attack not nearly so common as in scarlet fever, J.

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